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LSU set for showdown on the plains

Superman has reappeared in the plains of Auburn
Superman has reappeared in the plains of Auburn
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A description of Saturday afternoon’s matchup between LSU and Auburn can easily be found by flipping open Webster’s Dictionary. Find the ‘D’ section and locate the word ‘Darling.’ There’s no other word that best describes the 2010 Auburn Tigers. Turn a few pages and find the word ‘Disrespect.’ There’s no other word that best describes the 2010 LSU Tigers. Everybody’s media darling will take the field at 2:30 CST in Jordan-Hare Stadium against the disrespected LSU Tigers for SEC West supremacy and a leg up in their quests for SEC and National titles.

Darling. Auburn quarterback Cam Newton has really made a name for himself with the season he’s having. By all accounts, he’s already won an SEC championship and the Heisman Trophy. He’s become the focal point of college football media outlets and will no doubt be CBS’ new boy toy come 2:30 on Saturday afternoon.

Excuse me while I throw up a little in my mouth.

While Newton has been very impressive in Auburn’s 7-0 start, forgive me for not jumping out of my shoes by his performances against SEC powers Arkansas, Kentucky, and South Carolina. With that sarcasm aside, Newton has been the MVP of his team without question. But before he makes his acceptance speeches, can he first play a full schedule and actually win something on the field? With wins over LSU, Alabama, and the SEC Championship, Cam Newton could then become the next Tim Tebow and Vince Young. Until that happens, Cam Newton is Auburn’s starting quarterback with seven starts under his belt. That’s it.

Disrespect. LSU began the season with one of the toughest schedules in the nation. Nobody thought they would be sitting at 7-0 with all the opportunities of a championship season still ahead of them. Yet, that 7-0 record has come at the expense of a lucky coach who bumbles and fumbles his way to victory while Auburn’s 7-0 has come on the back of Superman and his orange and blue cape.

Excuse me while I throw up a little more in my mouth.

Coach Les Miles will take his lucky Tigers to the plains this weekend feeling a little disrespected. Forget that LSU handled Auburn last year, beat them with a redshirt freshman quarterback two years ago in their own stadium, and tore War Eagles hearts out in 2007. LSU is still the underdog and still the team on the downslide, right?

Enough has been written, enough has been said. Just play the damn game. It’s Judgment Day.


  • Displaced Bayou Bengal 4 years ago


    That might be the best article I have read leading up to this game. Every "analyst" has the same thing to say. Finally somebody says what all tiger fans are feeling. Great job!!!!!!! P.S. Get off your knees Gary and Vern, Cam puts his pants on one leg at a time too.

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