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LSD and shrooms do not mix well with Disneyland: Part 3

Disneyland and shrooms don't mix
Disneyland and shrooms don't mix
Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

This is the third part of a series about *Alice’s trip to Disneyland. In the last two articles, the good values and family friendly environment that is part of Disneyland's culture was discussed. The Disney Co. has always prided itself on it’s wholesome image. Unfortunately, when a person makes the decision to show up to Disneyland high on LSD and shrooms, the friendly atmosphere can become terrifying. Disneyland, a destination not intended to offer comfort to people under the influence of drugs, can be difficult to navigate while high. After suffering extreme difficulty simply entering the park, and feeling like she had entered Dante’s Inferno while riding the Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice and her four friends made the horrendous decision to ride It’s a Small World.

When Alice exited the Pirates of the Caribbean, she was “breathing water” and “tasting blue in [her] mouth.” But, this didn’t stop her or her extremely high friends from boarding It’s a Small World. In their impaired, drug addled states, they were unable to recognize this as a bad idea. When they rode the ride, Alice claims the terror they experienced was “unparallel”. She stated: “When dolls whose heads spin and dance around you tell you it’s a small world, you become terrified and think they're saying it's too small for you. And you feel like the walls of existence closing on you, or rather, me.”

Under this kind of strain, Alice experienced a panic attack. Her heart pounded in her chest. She got up and tried to exit the ride. Luckily, her friend, *Rabbit, pulled her down and back onto the seat. Rabbit said to her, "Sit down. You're tripping, Alice. Just sit and relax." Alice turned to Rabbit , but she did not see Rabbit’s face. In Alice's mind, Rabbit had the same face as the dolls from the ride. Still, she listened to Rabbit and sat still. She stated, “I sat down and just watched the colors overwhelm my plane of existence”. She also focused on the ride's famously repetitive song playing over and over again, so she would not let her panic overwhelm her. When the ride ended, she had to sit at the side of the ride to calm down. Her friend, *Kitty, started vomiting. It took 15 minutes after the ride ended for Alice to finally calm down enough that she could leave the area.

It’s a Small World, a ride probably best known for its cheerful, repetitive song, is a happy ride geared towards small children. In fact, it is far more child friendly than the Pirates of the Caribbean. And yet, Alice and her friends had a much stronger, negative response to this ride than they did to the smiling skeletons and animatronic pirates firing cannon on the Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s a Small World is a slow, water ride that even a baby could happily enjoy. But, as the title states, LSD and shrooms do not mix well with Disneyland. Alice and her friends will do well to remember this in future.

For more information about It’s a Small World, please visit this link on the Disneyland Resort website.

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

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