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LSD and shrooms do not mix well with Disneyland: Part 2

Alice was high on these shrooms
Alice was high on these shrooms
Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

This article is the second part of a series about Disneyland and drug use (as it says in the title, they do not mix well). In the first article, the subject of this series, Alice, went to Disneyland while high on LSD and shrooms. She went with her 4 friends, all of whom were high. Because Disneyland is known for its wholesome values, the park is not set up to accommodate a bad drug trip. That is why, once she got through the turnstile entrance to the park, her Disneyland experience progressively worsened over time.

At first, the friends enjoyed themselves inside the park. They rode the Indiana Jones ride without incident. But then they boarded the Jungle Cruise. Near the end of the ride, Alice developed a bad case of “claustrophobia” and could barely exit the boat. She reported, “Walking was difficult. I felt I was walking through quicksand. There were people staring but in order to secure my comfort, I put on my shades and pretended they couldn't see me.” After exiting the ride, she told her friends, “Im shrooooooming.”

Things continued to get worse from there. The group of friends decided to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean. Though Alice laughed uncontrollably throughout the ride, she stated, “I felt that I had ascended into the first circle of hell, and I was Dante witnessing all the poor souls in purgatory.” One of her friends, Kitty, was so terrified that she was gripping her seat in horror. Alice remembers thinking, “Poor soul, she might be on that devil's trip.” Luckily, the group made it through the ride without becoming hysterical.

The Pirates of the Caribbean, while at times morbid, is not supposed to inspire terror. The violence (cannon fire and pillaging of a village) features cartoonish animatronic people. Even the skeletons smile at you. On the Disneyland website for the ride, it is actually listed under 3 categories that make the mild nature of the ride clear. The 3 categories are: "Mild but Wild Rides," "Fun for Little Ones," and "Fun for Everyone." It is also noted that children 7 years and over can ride it totally unattended. Anyone under 7 can board the ride if attended by someone age 14 or over. There is no height requirement, so gentle and mild the ride is.

It would be nice to write that Alice quickly exited Disneyland and waited for the effects of the shrooms and LSD to pass. But that didn’t happen. She was highly impaired and made what was probably the worst decision possible. She and her friend continued to stay at Disneyland and had a harrowing experience on It’s A Small World. More on this will be covered in a future article.