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LSD and shrooms do not mix well with Disneyland: Part 1

They don't mix well
They don't mix well
Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

Disneyland has always been a family friendly atmosphere. Walt Disney liked his brand to have a squeaky clean image, even though he himself had flaws. Though he was a smoker, the Disney Co. has always been famously anti-smoking. There is actually a page about their smoking ban on the Walt Disney Company website. Good values are part of the company's culture.That is why Disneyland's family friendly atmosphere was not built to accommodate illicit adult activities. Unfortunately, for a woman named *Alice, this did not occur to her.

Alice is in her mid to late 20s. A “few years ago,” she took a trip to Disneyland with a group of friends. These friends enjoyed going to raves and doing drugs. One day, they thought it would be a good idea to go to Disneyland while high on shrooms. Unfortunately, Alice didn’t just take shrooms. She took an LSD tablet before getting in her friend’s car to go to Disneyland. Then, once they reached the parking lot, she and her friends ate a bag of gold cap mushrooms. When they finally walked to Disneyland and stood in line, ready to enter the park, Alice was near complete incapacitation. She reports:

“As we wait in line, I feel an elation and knew that the LSD was kicking in. I felt as if the air was cooking, or breathing, or moving around faster than before, or maybe it wasn't and I was just more aware of the air. Depth perception was severely altered...”

Alice had to struggle just to make it through a Disneyland turnstile. She remembers thinking, “I'm going to die on this trip." She feared the drugs would give her a heart attack on one of the roller coasters. Unfortunately, her planning abilities were greatly impaired, so she entered the park anyway. Later articles will discuss exactly what horrors befell her and her friends at the park.

The point for now is that drug use is illegal, but it is especially inappropriate at Disneyland. And while there are certain forums where substance abuse is the norm, Disneyland is not one of them for a reason. It isn’t designed for people so impaired that they can’t figure out how to use a turnstile to enter the park. Disneyland is family friendly and, according to Alice, not a good place to be high on drugs.