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Loyola Law Fashion Law Symposium - 3/22

Loyola Law Fashion Law Symposium - 3/22
Loyola Law Fashion Law Symposium - 3/22
Loyola Law School Los Angeles

This Saturday, March 22nd The Fashion Law Project at Loyola Law School Los Angeles will host the symposium: “One Channel Does Not Fit All: The Fashion Law Implications of Omnichannel Marketing,” from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PDT at Loyola’s downtown LA campus.

The symposium will examine the unique issues posed by emerging technology and trends in the fashion industry in the areas of privacy, advertising, social responsibility and more.

The panels will include “Legal Obligations of Being Omniscient,” “Legality of Influence” and “Legally Good: How to be Socially Responsible and Why It’s the ‘Right Thing to Do’ for Fashion Brands,” which will be webcast live. Program and webcast details are available at

“The scope and reach of the fashion industry is constantly expanding. This conference is designed to help fashion lawyers, designers and executives capitalize on that growth in a legal and ethical way,” said alumna Staci Jennifer Riordan, executive director of The Fashion Law Project and partner and chair of the Fashion Law Practice Group at Fox Rothschild LLP.

The symposium will be held in Robinson Courtroom on Loyola’s campus at 919 Albany St. (at Olympic), Los Angeles, CA 90015. To learn more, please visit:


Source: Press Release