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Loyal YoVille players step up to save their favorite Facebook game

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It's been nearly a month since Zynga informed the players of one of its oldest games that they would be unplugging the game for good at the end of March, and since that time those loyal players have worked tirelessly to save the game they love. According to an article published by NBC News on Feb. 10, players from all over the world are working together to convince Zynga and Big Viking Game, which is the game's original creator, to strike a deal to keep YoVille alive.

Officials at Big Viking games told NBC News that YoVille players from all over the globe have reached out to them hoping they can save the game they sold to Zynga years ago. Reports indicate the players reaching out come from all walks of life, and even include soldiers stationed in Iraq. Some players have even gone so far as to send cupcakes and cards to the offices of Big Viking Games hoping to sway their decision.

The deadline for YoVille's closure is fast approaching, but Zynga has confirmed that they have entered into discussions with Big Viking Games about a possible take over.

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