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Loyal pit bull fends off woman's attacker

A Pit bull rescued his owner/NOT Champ
A Pit bull rescued his owner/NOT Champ
Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

A Little Rock, Ark., woman is calling her best, canine friend a hero after the protective dog chased off her attacker, reported Wednesday's KATV News.

Millie Fiser's pit bull, "Champ," lived up to his name on the day that a man attacked Fiser just outside of her yard.

Though the nearly twelve-year-old dog is known as a "gentle giant" he managed to dig deep inside to find some aggressive grit when his guardian was in danger.

Fiser told KATV News that she was shoved from behind when she walked to the curb to pick up trash and the stranger began screaming at her, demanding money.

After being knocked to the ground, Fiser began to scream for Champ and it did not take long for the loyal dog to rush to her side and chase the man away.

Fiser said:

If Champ hadn't come around the corner as quickly as he did, I have no doubt it would have been a lot worse situation than it was.


"Champ saved my life. I know that he would literally die for me. This is a real good example that he will always be right there for me always, always."

The man responsible for knocking Fiser down and causing minor injuries is nowhere to be found and he may never be caught because it was dark at the time of the incident.

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