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Loyal dog in India mourns at the grave site of his young master for weeks

Tommy, the dog stayed at the site of his master's grave for weeks. What loyal companions our dogs can be.
Tommy, the dog stayed at the site of his master's grave for weeks. What loyal companions our dogs can be.
Blue Cross of India Facebook

A loyal dog named Tommy mourned the passing of his 18-year-old master in Chennai, India and nearly died because he wouldn't leave the grave site earlier this month reported the Times of India.

Dawn Williams, the general manager for Blue Cross of India, an animal welfare organization had been driving by an open grave site on August 2 near the Avadi Bridge and had noticed a tan dog curled up on the recently covered grave. On August 13, on a return trip to the same area, the dog was still there. Local residents told Williams the dog had been mourning the death of his human since the teenager had been killed as the result of a motorcycle accident. The victim and the dog had been constant companions for five years after the teen had rescued the dog.

The rescuers offered the dog, who was extremely weak and emaciated some food and water, but the dog just softly whimpered and again put his head down upon his human's grave.

When Williams found out the deceased teen's mother lived nearby, he went to the woman's home. She informed the team of rescuers that she thought the dog had run away when her son died, and that she had nothing to live for, but that was soon to change.

According to the Facebook page of Blue Cross of India,

"The mother of the young man accompanied Dawn back to the grave. When he saw her, Tommy got up and went slowly to her. It was obvious that he hadn't eaten much (if anything at all) in days. Tommy rested his head on her feet and cried some more, as the mother bent down and, lifting his head up, kissed him, before burying her face against his neck and crying."

Everyone at the scene began to cry at the profound emotional reunion of Tommy and the boy's mother.

"The mother picked up Tommy and carried him back to her house, telling our team, as she left, that she had wrongfully thought, because her only child had died, that she had nothing to live for. With the words that she still had one son in Tommy, she thanked our team and the two went back home."

When the team returned to visit, Tommy and the youth's mother had moved away, but neighbors were confident the two were together and their faith had been restored; at least in each other and their ability to comfort each other at such a difficult time.

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