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Lowes or Home Depot? Finding the Right Choice for Military Vets

Sericemember discounts help true Americans
Sericemember discounts help true Americans
Chris Tice

With all the places DIY vets can cash in on their military discount it may be tricky to find the greatest value for your buck. Specific blocks for sale items, certain manufacturer limitations; they all chip away at your small percentage but hey, A penny saved is a penny earned. The question is, where do you get the most pennies?

Lowes and Home Depot, two of the largest DIY warehouses across this great country, have always offered great values, wonderful service and they both offer military discounts of ten percent. They don’t advertise it, but showing a military ID of any nature, reserve, active, retired or VA, will get you that small kickback that takes some of the pain out of your project. And with the current administration throwing troops into the civilian workforce, starting over means less money for improvements around the house.

Home Depot’s military discount holds some stipulations. The discount only applies to manufacturer products that provide the military discount and even the employees never know which products apply until they run it through the computer. For example, Webber grills do not give Home Depot a military discount so the store in turn does not provide a discount to visiting vets. Military discounts also do not apply to Home Depot sale items, or specially marked items and the signage never states that no other discounts apply so be sure to ask.

Lowes offers the military discount on every item. Sale items, liquidations and even custom paint mixtures the ten percent is guaranteed to be present on your receipt. The only items not discounted are contract labor for installations. i.e. When French doors are installed in your home, the discount applies to the doors themselves but labor costs are unaffected. With labor costs running higher than the doors themselves you may think about doing it yourself but take this small piece of advice from an experienced doorman, just pay the man.

Lowes and Home Depot offer great project ideas and with their opposing product selection it is always a good idea to visit both places when scoping out your next project. Never limit yourself to one store, because a discount can never beat a sale price regardless if you get a small discount with it or not.