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Lowering you blood pressure reading through exercise, diet and low salt diet

One of the most effective ways of controlling your blood pressure is to exercise. If you are on medication it will make your medication more effective.

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Exercise need not be boring

Exercise does not have to be boring. You don’t have to stick to the same routine all the time. All you have to do is get moving and get your heart beating faster. Maybe you like gardening or dancing, or cycling, the possibilities are endless. If you find it hard to get started try going with a professional coach, or kinesiologist (specialist in movement) to help you pace yourself. Weight training is a great way to lose body fat and build muscle tone. If you lose as little as 10 pounds you can actually lower your blood pressure the natural way. If you are looking for an easier way of losing weight and lowering your blood pressure then you can try swimming. The goal is 30 minutes a day but you can work your way up to it. A good way to know if you are getting in enough exercise to lower your blood pressure you need to choose an exercise which is moderate such as a brisk walk. Do that five times a week. If you have to build yourself up to do it that is fine. Later you can do more to lower your blood pressure even more. Remember to start slowly you don’t want to injure yourself nor do you want to overdo it and never exercise again. In time you can exercise longer or take on a more intense workout. When you are new to exercising the key is to pace yourself. Start slowly and gradually increase the amount of time for your workout or gradually increase the intensity. Timing is also key to your success you need to make your exercise routine around your schedule to avoid stress. Workout at your lunchbreak at work, or while the kids are at school, or in the evening after work. If you cannot leave the house then get some DVD’s and a yoga matt and do it during a time when the house is quiet or you can conveniently take time for yourself because Dad is home. If exercising all in one workout is too much for you, consider doing mini workouts amounting to just 10 minutes at a time three times a day. If you can only exercise at home, you can set up a gym in your home with weights, a bench, bands, exercise ball, yoga mat and anything you would need to effectively do your workout. If you have high blood pressure you will need to do some warming up and cooling down exercises to regulate your heart beat. You can try walking in place or on a treadmill to cover these exercises. A heart rate band is a great alternative to taking your pulse, just put the belt under your breast and you will see your heart rate registered on the watch which is the other component of the set. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about it. Some medications can actually slow down your heart rate such as calcium channel blockers and beta blockers so you need to ask your doctor what your target heart rate zone for the purposes of exercising would be. Even though exercising is important for your overall health be careful and exercise safely. If the exercising hurts you need to stop or stop and take a breath. If you are hurting in the arm, chest, or throat then you need to stop all together for the particular exercise session. If you feel dizzy then stop, if you can exercise in an air conditioned environment rather than in the heat and humidity outdoors then do it. If that is not possible then exercise more slowly than usual.

Losing weight

A good diet is also important for lowering your blood pressure. You can use the DASH diet which is a 2,000 calorie a day diet but of course check with your doctor first. This diet is rich in fruits and vegetables and lowfat dairy products. It is also low in saturated fats. The DASH diet can lower your systolic (upper number) reading by up to 15 points. Anyone over 50 should not have a systolic reading over 140.Losing weight can help you lower your systolic reading as well. If you lose 10 pounds you can start seeing some results. Gradually cut down on your calories each day by just a bit and even that will help. Or, you can ask your doctor or dietitian for help to balance your diet.

Reduce your salt intake

You will also need to lower your salt intake. By doing this you can lower your systolic number and enhance the hypertension medications that you take.

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