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Lower your gardening costs by sharing

Part of being frugal is using money sensibly. One way you can do that is by looking at your large purchases and seeing what can be shared. For example, imagine your family, your siblings families and your parents are all avid gardeners. Does it make sense that each family owns a rototiller? Or could one family purchase the rototiller and all use it?

Sharing plants or harvest is welcomed by all.
Sharing plants or harvest is welcomed by all.public domain
Sharing the cost of a rototiller makes sense.
Sharing the cost of a rototiller makes sense. public domain

That could go as well for other items, like a small trailer, a chainsaw that everyone can use, canning kettles and pressure canners, even garden surplus including plants.

What if one family had the perfect conditions and knowledge to start seeds? They could supply each family with their tomato plants in the spring. As for seeds themselves, a packet of zucchini seeds can be shared with each family. Possibly purchasing the seeds in bulk would further lower the cost, then save seeds for following years.

Some perennials are very prolific, coming up every year and spreading. See if anyone you know may want some of these free, extra plants.

Sharing can extend to the garden harvest. When you just cannot imagine dealing with any more cucumbers or beans, check around and see who could use them, including food banks.