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Lower facial sagging can be rejuvenated

As one ages, gravity begins to have its way particularly with lower facial features. Skin texture becomes less refined and fine lines and wrinkles naturally appear.

While this process occurs, facial skin becomes thinner and droopier along the jawline.

This age-related process is called jowling.

It happens when soft tissue of the face, skin and muscle, combined with the loss of bone in front of the jowl called, prejowl sulcus, begin to relax.

These changes can be noticed in a person’s 40s, but more so, in their 50s. And of course, as one matures jowling may become more prominent.

The “march of time” can be stopped and even improved by reshaping and lifting the jowl. As well, augmenting slack skin can also be performed.

San Diego facial rejuvenation procedures can help.

Depending on what aesthetic desire a person has, they can approach jowling with non-operative or operative procedures.

It’s a personal decision.

In the past, some have used cosmetic, temporary re-absorbable fillers as a solution. It has helped for a group, but not for others who had hoped for a more promising outcome. Many weren’t fond with how these aesthetic fillers sometimes added volume to jowls making them further noticeable.

A better non-operative solution has been Ultherapy, an ultrasound skin-tightening device. The results, however, take time and may be subtle. Depending on the degree of the jowling, this course of treatment may only be effective for certain group.

But for others who desire a more noticeable result, a lower facelift might be the answer which offers immediate gratification and optimal results.

Done by a board certified plastic surgeon, the patient should be able to once again have a smooth, youthful jawline with no signs of the procedure.

A consultation with a San Diego plastic surgeon would be the perfect time to discuss aesthetic goals and determine the best course of treatment for a particular person.

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