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Lower facial rejuvenation offers major benefits

Although a person might have taken great care of his or her skin over the years, when they are over 50, they may begin to notice some facial changes along the jawline and neck.

Generally, this age group does not require a complete operative facial rejuvenation surgery. Still, some may feel uncomfortable how these particular areas look less youthful than their overall facial features.

It’s usually at this point in time when a person explores different non-operative San Diego facial rejuvenation therapies. A fairly new treatment on the horizon is Ultherapy. Ultrasound waves are delivered into the dermis which help tone the skin and promote collagen. For some, the results are subtle and they appreciate the youthful results which progress over time.

Most non-operative therapies offer no downtime, making it quite attractive.

While these treatments offer slight, youthful improvements, some individuals may want a more distinct change.

The answer for many will be, however, a less invasive surgical procedure to treat sagging along the jowls and neck. This surgery is best described as a lower and limited neck lift, which many surgeons utilize to tighten up loose skin around the neck and jaw.

This redundant skin may be caused by a genetic predisposition, excess fat under the chin, too much skin under the jaw, or retrognathia, commonly known as an overbite.

When the excess skin is removed, any collective fat directly under the chin can also be surgically addressed.

This lower and limited lift is a good choice for people wanting to zero in on these particular areas to redefine the jawline and neck for a more youthful appearance. Some patients have commented how their new contours give them the appearance of having lost weight.

Before the operation, a San Diego plastic surgeon will explain that this type of procedure is done on the jawline and below. The upper facial area is not part of this surgery.

For that reason, patients may decide to include a face lift with a neck lift. It’s a personal choice which is left to the patient and one they can discuss with their board certified surgeon during a consultation.

Being completely candid with a plastic surgeon will help patients achieve their aesthetic goals.

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