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Lowell bars quench thirst for knowledge with trivia nights!

For years bars have been a place where people go to enjoy alcoholic beverages and interact with members of the opposite sex (or same sex for that matter. We’re in MA and hey, to each his own, right?) “Why is it HIS own? Why not HER own?” Take it easy, ladies. That’s just the phrase.


Women and men (women first- you like that, all you “We can do it!” poster touting members of the fairer sex) get dressed up and head to whichever bar they think provides the greatest chance of meeting someone—someone who is willing to carelessly spend the night with them and partake in whichever practices they so desire. In this sentiment, bar patrons are thirsty- for both alcohol and, well, you know. Recently a group of people with an entirely different thirst have hit the scene. They crave not a cheap hook up, but rather knowledge.

This demographic of bar goers, with their glasses, cardigans, and high IQ’s are taking over Lowell bars in full force- on week nights that is. Popular bars such as The Old Court, Garcia Brogans, The Village Smoke House, and Major’s Pub showcase their version of trivia on respected nights and have been quite successful doing so-seeing sizeable crowds on otherwise dead nights. Week night bar tenders find themselves overwhelmed by the multitudes of academics that turn out for trivia.

Trivia teams such as “Oh-Trivia Newton John”, “Just the Tip”, “The Protagonists”, and “I Wish this Microphone was a…” show up each week to their favorite trivia spot and compete, attempting to answer various questions.

The Petrified Forrest National Park calls which US State home? (Arizona, duh!)
The International Tennis Hall of Fame is in which US city? (pfft, Newport, RI)
Name both the first man to reach the summit of Mt. Everest and his Sherpa? (Sir Edmund Hillary and…ah. We’ll take half credit.)

Teams compete for trivial (intended, oh boy was that intended!) bar prizes such as gift cards, beer mugs, t-shirts, and other fairly useless items of little to no value. It’s clear, however, that players don’t predominantly compete for extrinsic purposes. They do it for pride; they do it for knowledge. And they have a great time doing it.

So give your local watering hole a call and see which night they are doing trivia night. There will be good beer, good people, and you might even learn a thing or two.



  • KaraS 5 years ago

    I'm hoping when I get back from China you guys let me join your team...

  • ostrich867 5 years ago

    Sir Edmund Hillary and TENZING NORGAY. You know I don't like to settle for that half credit nonsense.

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