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Low violence no blood video game MineCraft on Xbox 360

MineCraft is an (RPG) Role Playing Arcade Game that is great for all ages, male or female, and simple enough anyone can learn to master but never run out of things to do, build or make up in this imaginary world of vibrant colors, themes and layouts.

Xbox Video games for everyone
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

They say: ‘If you can think it you can build it.’

The gamer only needs a good imagination to have a wonderful experience playing MineCraft Xbox 360 Edition. Beware this game can be very additive and you might just find yourself lost in your own imaginary world for hours on end.

Furry Animals, Aquatic Life and Arachnids included in game play at this time are:

Cats and Ocelots, dogs, sheep, pigs, cows, chickens, quid, silver fish, mean cave spiders and big tarantula spiders.

Some things a gamer can build but not limited to are:

Clocks, circuitry, electrical systems, computer processors, buildings, farms, grass, dirt, snow, water, fire, lava, above ground and underwater worlds. What a gamer can do is limitless…

Gamers can play on the world wide web against thousands of other players and interact with them through voice chat in game on a variety of different worlds they build themselves or with other players and can also play off-line by their selves when internet access is not available.

With all the violence already in our society today this is a great game for a change to play without all the blood and guts spattering on the screen, less stress and you can build anything you can dream up.

Always Remember: to save the game for the next time you have the need to relax, play and enjoy interacting with others on-line or alone.

To find this game and many others see Xbox Live game market place.

Source from interview with MineCraft gamer:
Jessy Tyndall AKA Cobia48

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