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Low triangle fly-by over Minnesota while witness watches 'clump of 8' lights


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Where's the picture? Until I see a picture I say BUNK!

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    The huge silent black triangles exist... I've seen one close up... HUGE, SILENT, capable of accelerating to incredible speed instantly from a mere crawl. It HAS to be antigravity technology.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Yea everyone has a camera phone/iphone..they didnt even try to get a shot (although it woulda sucked at night light levels) bunk..

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    But then if an image was provided you'd say that the image was just a hoax too. Astronauts, politicians, police, and even military personnel have said they have seen UFO's that don't appear to be from planet Earth. There are UFO sightings that date back to 1500 BCE. UFO's are depicted in ancient art. The point is, in my view, I will not jump to the conclusion that any of this is "bunk".

  • john from danvers mass 5 years ago

    I saw a very similar sighting on conant street in danvers. It looked like satellites chasing each other then the black triangle came over the house spinning slowly same height.( youtube triangle ufo in Bristol England)this video is the closest thing to what I saw.

  • h-hum/ho-hum/hohumm 5 years ago

    i think they should skip world leaders and go directly to the people .

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    That's right!!! Skip the psyco's most of us want a good life, no problems

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Pity you didnt have night vision, as it probably would have been the best footage ever! Talk about a close encounter...if he actually could make out inscriptions on the craft...i probably wouldnt sleep for a week!

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    I too, saw a triangle back in the late 80's. This tri. was not black though, and it was just getting into dusk, so I clearly saw it in a half light position. When you hear the term, a life changing event, was the very least.
    This object was witnessed by myself, several in-laws,
    and my ex. To this day, my ex. is the only person to acknowledge and will discuss with me. No one else that was there will even talk about it. Talk about denial,
    and you won't even get close. To finish this up, this object was no more than a thousand feet up, and well
    over the same in size, totally silent, three lights at each
    corner with one large single head light, and as it slowly
    turned away again, sparks were coming out of the rear
    of it, and in the middle? Not like a sparkler or anything like that, but like ejecting a short distance out from behind, and then falling vertically? More like a hundred or two at a time. Best way to describe was like a light falling snow, a flurrie perhaps, but sparks. Not my first
    UFO sighting, but my most undeniable, most frightning, never have I felt so fearful, or since life altering event that I still think about it, if not every day, every other day and I don't expect that to change..
    Regards and Peace Out!

  • srv 5 years ago

    The best footage I know about of one of these triangles was taken back in 1983 during the Hudson Valley UFO flap. Reliable sources say this thing went over a nuclear power plant and the security cameras recorded i as it want over the plant. One of the security guards walked undeneath it and was able to keep up. Meaning it was going about 5 mph. They said it took almost 15 min to pass over. Which means this thing was a least a mile long and able to still stay in the air while only traveling at 5mph. BTW the Federal Government came in and took all the footage away. Of course. Over 10,000 people saw it.

  • Jinxy 5 years ago

    Well at least we know its not stealth fighters or bombers, those have been around for years and why would they still be testing them?
    Also its not very stealthy when everyone see's the thing flying overhead with a bunch of lights all over it.
    Then again, aliens or the government could get away with it because I am sure they know that the public doesn't believe in things like this.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Just because there are more cameras than ever before in the world does not give a person a better chance of getting a great UFO photo. Phone/point and shoot cameras are not capable of taking night time photo with ANY clarity or definition. All you get is a photo where people say, "I wish it wasn't so fuzzy or just some nondescript lights". Night photography takes specialized equipment which few people own. an object 50 feet away, at night, would take at least a 110mm to 200mm lens with an aperture of f/2 and an ISO rating of 5000. A moving object with a 110mm lens would need at the least a shutter speed of 1/200th of a sec.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    talk about strange live near Brownsdale Mn. a small town 40 mi west of rochester, mn. The 20 oct I was deliverig the weekly shopper at night. About 11:30 i pulled on to a gravel road and was blinded by an electric pole sparking. Only it sparking about half way up and about 3 ft away from the pole. Then I stopped . It was so bright! Like a thousand welding rods at the same time. I started to pull forward thinking a coon or something had tried to climb between wires. Up by the crossbar it sparked again. This time 6 or seven times. Thats too weird to be an animal. One spark is enough. I turned around back to the crossroads and stayed 10 min or so. all quiet drove back to check out the pole. nothing. no burned weeds. no char marks on the pole. so continued on my way. very strange. 45min later. pull into brownsdale. the whole town is out of lights. call utilities. they know about it already.. Now I'm north of brownsdale on gravel road. turn corner and darn near run over power lines laying across road. go back the way I came meet utility truck. tell him about pole. thats not on this circuit. those lines dot feed the town. so I tell him about the lines on the road. they go work on that and i finish my route.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    it bothered me so much i went back the next day to check pole in daylight. there was nothing odd about that that i could see. by the way the lines that were down were nine mile straight north of that pole. i saw no lights in the sky or anything though.

  • Possum 5 years ago

    probably one of ares

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    My nephew and his father, my brother-in-law. were traveling down a rural gravel road in Missouri. They spotted a light in the distance, that they thought was a headlight, from a car, but soon noticed that it was in the sky. Soon after they noticed the light, it approached their vehicle, very quickly. As it came near the truck they were in, the truck lights began to flicker, and the truck learched forward, cutting out, and then the truck stopped completely. The craft was very close to them, my nephew reported to me. Then as it moved slowly away from them, their truck lights came back on, and they were again able to put the truck into motion again. They both watched as the craft, as he described it, took off to the sky at a seemingly impossible speed. They didn't make any report of this close encounter with the UFO, and seemingly didn't tell anyone about it for quite some time. He was very hesitant to share his experience with me.

  • bjorn from sweden 5 years ago

    YES! My friend an i was see two vehicelse flying over Solna a few kilometers from Stockholm in october 19i98 ! first we think its tvo airplanes flying against us we park the car and going out and look at them the first ufo flying over us and the second one was stop in air and jump up and down in high speed so it was three white lights in front of theese ships and its was strong ligthts like carligthts this was so strange and all friends dont belives it but we was shure what we just have seen

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