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Low sex drive in men: Is sudden weight gain to blame?

Although people are generally more aware of the importance of a healthy diet and maintaining a reasonable body weight, today's busy lifestyle can wreak havoc on the waistline. This weighty problem can lead to more than just a bulkier physique; it can lead to repercussions in many other aspects of a person's life, as well. For example, we hear from Charles, in Baltimore, MD, who writes: “I’ve had a really low sex drive lately and I’ve also put on some weight. Could the two be connected?”

Absolutely! Men who are carrying a little bit of extra weight around the middle are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, all of which can be contributing factors to a decrease in testosterone, which can affect both sex drive and erectile dysfunction in males. If you noticed that your low sex drive coincided pretty closely to when the weight gain happened, there’s a good chance that the two issues are connected. However, men should not discount the impact that emotional and psychological issues can also have on their sex lives.

For instance, if a man always fancied himself to be physically fit, and this change in his body is suddenly happening, this could lead to significant self-esteem or body image issues. They may worry that your partner is no longer sexually attracted to them because of the change in the way they look. All of these can really play into a guy's emotional responses and can make sex less enjoyable, therefore decreasing his sex drive. However, because there are also serious disorders that can cause erectile dysfunction, men who are experiencing this problem should definitely talk to their doctor. A medical professional can make sure everything is in running order with the heart and cardiovascular system. If he gives the “A-Ok” that there is nothing physiological causing erectile dysfunction or low sex drive, then talking to a sex therapist may be the next step. He or she can help sort out the emotional or psychological issues that may be at the root cause of this low sex drive.

Good luck!

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