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Low cost,high quality practices of human value in the workplace

Say Thank-You
Say Thank-You
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The set of individuals who make up a workforce is called ‘Human’ Resources for good reason. People are the backbone of an organization and along with credentials and career history, their personal feelings will always be a component of each employee’s platform. Nonetheless, when workers are not en route for business trips or leading exciting projects, their downtime is focused on climbing the corporate ladder.
Personal development is necessary but in order to maintain emotional balance and high morale in the workplace, it’s imperative to deposit a generous amount of selfless and sincere communication to team mates and co-workers. Like all things that we produce in our environment, here are three ways that human awareness may come back around eventually.

1. Say Thank-You. These two words are priceless. Take the time to write a card or specific account of appreciation to another person at work. Email and social media is convenient for long distance relationships, however when you sit two seats from a colleague in the same office, write a tangible thank-you note. Hand written notes will solidify your mission of delivering sincere, personal gratitude.

2. Spread appreciation evenly. Employees of both support and executive levels want the same recognition for their respective contributions. Regardless of the staff level, acknowledgment of an employee or co-worker may directly impact their performance. The secretary’s ability to land an appointment with the same company that your project manager acquired a major account for - all result from solid efforts. Each position is unique and should be acknowledged accordingly.

3. Reward great attitudes, not just performance. When your company or team has a solid performance level, their competency and dedication is evident. Give plaques and recognition for high morale unrelated to a specific work project. Thoughtful leaders and caring co-workers celebrate positivity, cheerful mindsets and respective viewpoints of their team mates.

Bottom Line: Understanding the human spirit is powerful. Leaders know the value of recognizing that no job is too big or small where humans don’t have a desire to be acknowledged sincerely.

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