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Low cost ferret entertainment

Ferrets are intelligent little creatures who need constant stimulation to keep them from boredom. Think of them as furry, four legged children, if you will; they need to be challenged to keep learning.

However, it isn't necessary to pay top dollar for toys and games. Your furry child can be kept amused by some very simple, inexpensive, creative toys.
First off, the old dryer vent hose trick. This one is a good one for a number of reasons. It's easily found, inexpensive, flexible, and extendable. Forget paying for the “funnel” toys. This is cheaper and your carpet shark will enjoy it just as much, if not more. It can come in crinkly silver metallic or clear plastic, both of which have interest catching qualities. And your furry will LOVE scurrying through it, dragging it around, and in general trying to outwit it.

Another cheap way to keep them amused is to create a “dig box.” Ferrets love to dig and burrow, so this will stimulate their natural instincts. It's easily done. All you need is a box – I used a plastic tote – that is easily accessible. It should be low to the floor, so they can easily climb inside. Fill it with shipping peanuts, but be sure to use the pet-safe kind. Styrofoam can cause blockages if ingested, so don't use those. Most shipping companies use a biodegradable type now that is safe for your furry. But be sure to confirm safety first. Many of the ferret communities online, such as the Holistic Ferret message board, will be more than happy to help you out.

There are a lot more ways to stimulate your little friend's mind, and I'll touch on those next time.

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