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Low-carb vegan food plan aids in weight loss while reducing heart disease risk

Vegetables are the healthiest of all food sources
Vegetables are the healthiest of all food sources
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Between April 2005 and November 2006, 39 overweight men and women were studied be researchers seeking results on an Eco-Atkins way of eating, according to Tech Times on May 30. The Eco-Atkins diet is a low-carb diet which resembles a vegetarian, vegan, Atkins, South Beach or Paleo diet. According to claims, followers can lose about eight pounds per month, along with management of triglycerides, cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease. These results are being utilized by many weight loss websites like Sparkpeople.

In theory, lower carb diets can also lower the risk of death from potential heart disease. Researchers also have a theory that low carb diets can reverse any medical condition when the individual’s diet substitutes high-protein fats for fatty, cholesterol filled meat and then fills up with nutritious vegetables and fruits. The Eco-Atkins diet consists of 31% of calories to come from plant protein, 43% to come from plant based fats (avocado) and the finally 26% to come from carbs.

Fat sources can include vegetable fat from oils, avocado, nuts and soy products. Carbohydrate sources include high-fiber food items like oats and barley, low-starch vegetables like okra and eggplant. Protein food came from vegetables, nuts, cereals, gluten and soy.

The overweight individuals participating in the study were given menu plans that detailed their specific food items and their corresponding amounts. Participants were not given fixed meals, but rather a guide. Participants also received a list of food alternatives, encouraging individuals to adapt the diet to their own personal food preferences.

The Eco-Atkins participants studied showed a reduction in their overall cholesterol levels by 10%. There was an average loss of four pounds more than those who were given then high-carb low-fat diet to follow. Scientists also discovered that due to the high levels of vegetable protein in the Eco-Atkins, the chance of heart disease was lowered through lowering the low-density lipoprotein known as the bad cholesterol.

In conclusion, scientists state that a diet aiming to lose weight should lower carbohydrate consumption in favor for an increase in vegetable protein consumption. Weight loss seekers should consume nuts, soy, and gluten paired with healthy vegetable oils; both of which offer a chance to the individual in improving body weight and LDL cholesterol. Lowering body weight and LDLs, one can reduce their risk of heart disease.

Eco- Atkins sample menu:

Breakfast – oat bran with unsweetened soy milk and an apple

Lunch – diced tofu with salad

Dinner - vegetable stir-fry

Snack/Dessert – orange, strawberry, tomatoes or cashews

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