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Low-carb Paleo boosts weight loss, burns belly fat, controls diabetes in studies

Want to burn belly flat for a slim tummy? Try Paleo, says new study.
Want to burn belly flat for a slim tummy? Try Paleo, says new study.
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Should you eat like a caveman and follow the Paleolithic diet? A new study answers that question by showing that a Paleo weight loss group shed more pounds and burned more belly fat when compared with dieters on other plans, reported the National Post on Feb. 20. In addition, other studies have shown it is more advantageous in controlling diabetes and preventing heart disease.

Swedish researchers assigned groups of overweight, post-menopausal women to follow either a low-fat, high fiber diet or a Paleo weight loss plan. When they compared the results of the women, they found:

  • the Paleo group lost significantly more weight (an average of 6.5 kg after six months, and 4.6 kg after two years)
  • the Paelo dieters burned more belly fat around their stomachs, losing 11.1 cm at six months and 3.7 cm at two years

The Paleo dieters followed the traditional caveman weight loss of meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. They eliminated grains, beans, sugar, processed foods and dairy foods from their diets.

Dr. Mehmet Oz recently featured the Paleo diet on his show, discussing how it can help dieters lose up to 75 pounds in six months: Read the full details, including his suggestions for customizing this weight loss approach, by clicking here.

Other studies have shown that Paleo diets have improved the health of those with type 2 diabetics more successfully than low fat diets. The caveman weight loss plan also provided better results than the Mediterranean diet in terms of heart health and prevention of chronic disease.

So with all those advantageous, why do so many hesitate to go on this type of low carb diet? One reason: It's highly restricted, requiring you to completely eliminate entire groups of food such as dairy, legumes and grains.

Another reason: For many, the large amounts of protein are prohibitively expensive, reported Motley Fool on Feb. 19. Most Paleo experts recommend grass-fed beef, which is fine if you're Kobe Bryant (click here to find out his verdict of the Paleo diet), but too costly for most individuals.

You also need to eliminate processed foods, which can make it time-consuming for busy consumers. For that reason, more companies are producing high protein products designed for low carb diets such as the Paleo plan and the Atkins plan, according to Motley Fool.

Consider, for example, Oscar Mayer P3, a new packaged combo pack of meat, cheese, and nuts from Krafts.

Tony Vernon, chief executive officer of Kraft Foods Group, is enthusiastic about the Paleo power of protein-packed P3 to update the Oscar Mayer brand and boost sales.

"Protein, whether it's peanuts or meats or cheese — we happen to be the leaders in each of those categories — we feel great about what we can do there," he said in cheerleader-style.

Also coming soon to a grocery store near you: Tyson's new "Day Starts" products, marketed as "high protein" breakfast options for "busy families." But beware: A sandwich is a sandwich - and unless they're using bacon in place of bread, it's not on your low carb diet menu.

Learn more about the Paleo diet from experts by clicking here. And get insights on a different version of this approach from "Grain Brain" author Dr. David Perlmutter by clicking here.

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