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Low carb ketogenic diet benefits range from weight loss to epilepsy, says expert

Smash the fat, says Sam Feltham.
Smash the fat, says Sam Feltham.
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Health expert Sam Feltham has become renowned for sharing the benefits of high fat low carb diets as part of his role as a leader in the fitness industry. In an exclusive interview, Sam talked about his views on ketogenic diets, including how it saved the life of an epilepsy patient.

"When I first started out in the fitness industry I recommended the current conventional wisdom. Count calories and be sure to get "healthy" whole grains in your diet daily. After a few months of advising this, the results for my clients were unimpressive," he recalls.

He then began to read "more articles and books on nutrition and weight loss and came across a book called Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes. This book challenged everything I thought I knew about nutrition and weight loss, but Gary's arguments were so compelling that I decided to implement the advice with clients."

It took three months of guiding clients to consume high fat low carb diets to become a believer. High fat low carb diets provide "the best results in terms of weight loss and also in terms of satisfaction for long term health."

And Sam discovered the benefits himself. "Although I was slim already I saw many other health benefits including reduced wheezing from my asthma, improved cardiovascular function during exercise and no hay-fever during the first spring and summer I changed my diet."

Sam also has seen the benefits of ketogenic diets for weight loss, cancer, diabetes and epilepsy. And it is the latter that most impressed him.

He describes Mike Dancer, who has temporal lode epilepsy. as a case in point. "On September 8, 2000, Mike was managing Fitness Services at the University Of Birmingham. He took a phone call at 6 pm and the next thing he knew he was at home."

Mike had experienced a convulsive seizure. Neurologists told him that he would experience progressive brain damage, issuing him a death sentence in predicting that he "would slowly die over the next five years."

Epilepsy drugs did not help, and Mike's seizures became more frequent and severe. He tried more drugs, which resulted in serious side effects.

Mike's memory, immune system and endocrine system were impacted, and his quality of life deteriorated. Then Dr. Dominic D'Agostino asked if Mike had ever heard of a ketogenic diet.

The noted physician explained how these diets were used for children with severe seizures in the 1920s and 1930s. Abandoned for a few decades, these diets are being used again.

On July 15, 2008, Mike began his ketogenic diet. His seizures gradually decreased in number, and he recovered more rapidly each time.

"To this day Mike remains on a ketogenic diet to manage his seizures and thrives on it!" says Sam.

Among the books that he recommends are:

You can learn about Sam at his Web site:

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