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Loving your stepchildren's mother - the inevitable catfight



  • Eugenia 6 years ago

    You have touched on some valid points, and for the most part you are very accurate. Stepmothers must shield their stepchildren from any anxiety caused by the blended family relationship. However, as your children grow older (your stepchildren) you must also honor their desire to discuss the differences. I became a stepmother to a 4 year old and a 6 year old upon marrying my husband. I had one child in college, and an 11 year old with me. That was 2001. My stepchildren lived with us, so I raised them. Now, one is 16 and the other is almost 14. They have had visitation with her every other weekend, etc. Their mom does not support our religion, and criticizes our family dynamics constantly. Now, as teenagers, they come home and say this: "Guess what mom did?" Or "Guess what mom said?" In the end, they are still kids, and they want to know right from wrong. At some point every stepmom & bio-dad have to stand up for the home values & ensure the kids know where you really stand.

  • Profile picture of Patty Moyes
    Patty Moyes 5 years ago

    Well said!!

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