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The Gospel of Love - Is it a Counterfeit Gospel?

Unmasking the New Age
Douglas Groothuis

Trying to explain the danger of the seemingly innocuous creed I'm about to describe is proving to be a formidable task. I'm much more content to write fiction where I don't have to be so meticulous in making points in a concise manner and logical order, in addition to being sure of my facts. But I think this is too important of a topic to leave unaddressed. I am going to make at least one movie about this topic—but for now let me start with this simple essay. Paul lamented that people he had taught so quickly had turned to another gospel. And he also warned that anyone who preached a different gospel should be accursed. Using logic one comes to the conclusion quickly that there are multiple "gospels" and not all of them are created equal. In reality, there are many false gospels vying for the hearts of mankind, but for today we'll focus on this one.

There's a new gospel that's being preached to the world which is making great inroads. Maybe it's not all that new, but perhaps it is more prevalent than ever before. I call it the "gospel of love". "Not so fast", you say. God is love. The Ten Commandments were summed up into two: love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. So the gospel of Jesus Christ is the gospel of love, right? Not exactly. It has been said that it is not hard telling the difference between good and evil. The real difficulty comes in when you have to choose between two things that appear to be good. I believe this might be one of those situations. Heavy accent on the word "appear". We humans grapple fiercely with the tendency to accept things on a surface level and never realize that truth usually lies below appearance.

How could the "gospel of love" be counterfeit and even dangerous? I'm glad you asked. Here's the crux of the matter: The gospel of love encompasses loving mankind but somehow circumnavigates the command to love God with our whole heart. This is an incomplete gospel. An analogy that just struck me is trying to separate the pizza from the crust. It is impossible to make a pizza without a crust because the crust is not only part of the taste and nutritional package; it is the vehicle for delivering the toppings. Removing the requirement to love God from the theory of how to live life removes the foundation.

Thus, someone who is an atheist, in theory, could obey the command to love their fellow man. Secular humanists freely embrace the gospel of love. This kind of gospel allows New Agers, who believe in angels and spirits but not the divinity and Lordship of Jesus Christ, to love everyone. This allows homosexual behavior or heterosexual activity outside of marriage to be tolerated without being classed as sin, allowing people to accept anyone and anything in the name of love. This basically allows the world to be human centric instead of God centric. It reminds me of the Tower of Babel where the people got together to defy God. I watched a YouTube video the other day of a song that started out "Power to the People". I realized that a segment of the population is trying to rebel against a God that would separate the people of the earth by His dividing edicts and pronouncements about Hell. The defendants in this court are trying to usurp the power of the judge and jury.

Where this gets tricky is for those individuals who do bring God into the equation. Their lips pronounce that they love God, however they don't obey Him. They don't respect him as Giver of the Law and Judge of the universe. In essence, they don't really love God; they love their concept of God as a big Santa Clause, whose letters should be addressed to Heaven instead of the North Pole.

Love is a wonderful thing and hate is repulsive. Jesus said that he who hates his brother is not truly a believer in Him. Jesus beseeched us to pray for our enemies, but he also called us to be separate from them. There is no communion of light with the darkness. We are called to love one another, but also called to be separate from the world. This false gospel of love omits the commandments because those dogmatic and demanding entities cause division among people and cause us frustration, which taints our love, because of our inability to do whatever we want without worry. They really cramp our style. Jesus said, "If you love me, keep my commandments", a clarion call to people who really love Him.

Jesus called for his body of believers to be one as He and the Father are one. We are supposed to be unified. However, we are not to be unified with non-believers but as the body of Christ. Jesus said the world hated him first, and it would hate those who follow Him. Thus there never will be unity on planet earth until the sheep and the goats are separated. And he said that he came to Earth, not to bring peace but a sword. Let those who have ears to hear listen very carefully.

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