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Loving thy neighbor.

In the sermon on the mount, the church is compared to the light of the world. This light should fall on all those within the proximity of a follower of Christ. The gospel reaching the ends of the earth begins with a little stretch to right next door. 

Keep in mind that Jesus admonishes His church to go and make disciples, not merely converts. With the ulterior motive of “winning souls,” people are reached like a salvation message quota needs to be met. In order to proclaim the gospel of Christ in truth, people must be loved and met at eye level, and with a heart filled with compassion, the story of redemption will naturally leave the lips of the believer fall on the ears of the lost.

Yet getting to know those next door can be challenging.  American culture tends to be very private. Creativity is needed to surpass the hurdles of a seclusive culture. Personal possessions are a key to bringing community to a neighborhood. Use the t.v. or fridge as tools to bring reconciliation to the surrounding area. 

Here are some ways to reach out to the neighborhood.

1. Schedule monthly themed movie nights.  Make flyers to pass out informing neighbors about the nights.  Make it interesting by making treats to fit the movie, or even dressing up to fit the theme.

2. Is there an XBOX in the living room?  Invite people over to play.

3. Host a board game night. Everyone loves to have fun and relax with games.



  • Jim Smothers 5 years ago

    Hey, that's a great article. I like these ideas. Got any more?

  • Brianna Brewster 5 years ago

    I'm sure I can think of more. I'll do a top ten or something with more ideas for you. Thanks!