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Loving the Transitioning to Natural Movement

Walking all over NYC, you will see many African Americans / Africans / Individuals with Mixed (kinky-coily-curly) textured-hair who wear their hair in its natural virgin state. More and more children with these types of textures are learning to embrace their organic-self. And because the truth is that our children and ourselves, can also be influenced by media images and celebrities, they/we may follow suit. This movement is happening all over the USA. Many of today's African American/Mixed race celebs are wearing their hair natural. Caution, this movement or happening should not cause a spirit of competition and separation within the African American community where a battle begins. Everyone's individual choice if for them and should be respected.

Protective hair style, embracing natural hair texture
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Adults and children are learning to maximizing their curl patterns and hair type, and becoming more creative with their natural hair styling. Especially now, that there's many new products on the market for mixed-textured hair types. You may have to experiment to find that one that works for your hair type.

Our current younger generation (especially girls-of all cultures and races) and the next generation are learning to love their hair as well as their cultural background, and remaining content instead begging for that "first chemical relaxer/perm" as many in our (20 years ago and more) generation did when we were preteens and adolescents. Some of our parents would not let us get a relaxer until we were in our latter teens (16 and older). Not soon after, as years progressed and perms became more popular, little girls between ages 6 and 12 years old began wearing perms and relaxers with their parent's permission. Many parents in the 70's, 80's and 90's were concerned about creating early damage to the hair and scalp. They were right to feel concerned!

Results from recent interviews: Most people that have transitioned from chemically-treated hair or from constantly wearing wigs or weaves to cover their hair to wearing it natural, reported that they 'felt free'. That's actually a deep statement, if you think about the negative and self-hatred attitudes that African Americans or Mixed-races (African/Black mixed with other races) had or still experience living in the USA as a result of wearing their hair in locs, braids, twists, fros, knots, and more...

And check out these dolls that inspire and encourage little girls and adults alike, to embrace their culture and natural hair texture and hair styling. "These natural hair dolls” can be purchased at:

Photos of Black/African American Celebrities wearing their hair in natural and protective hair styles:

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