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Loving the Long Beach winter weather for working out

While everyone else is seemingly under a cold snap across the country, Southern California continues to stay consistent with its coveted sunny clear blue skies and crisp morning air. You know what that means though, it's the perfect weather for working out! With the new year in full swing, and great weather, now is the time to take advantage of the rain-free paths and the fact that it doesn't snow here and get out there and get in a workout.

The weather has been pristine lately, and some of the sunrises have been breath-taking. If that isn't enough motivation to beat the sheet monster that holds you down in bed each morning, think about those who are layering up with multiple articles of clothes, including windbreakers, tights, ear warmers, mittens, beanies, and even those who are strapping on special snow shoes to get in a run in the snow. Only having to throw on a long sleeve and shorts makes running in Long Beach pretty easy when you think about it.

With the chance of rain in the forecast for spring, the time is now to get out and get in some miles. Make sure you don’t overdress to overheat though, it might be a tad chilly when starting out, but you will warm up slightly after running consistently for a short period of time. Ear-warmers allow the head to continue to breath and don’t hold the heat in like beanies do.

Also, instead of wearing a long sleeve, opt for arm-warmers. Easy to care for, warm and can be slipped down around your wrists once you warm up, arm-warmers are one of my favorite winter article of warmth. Asics makes some sweater-like material ones which I have found keep you very warm, and might be too warm for some of the mornings in Long Beach. Zensah also makes a thinner option which are my personal favorites.

Try to take the time to enjoy the temperatures that are offered at this time of year. At almost any time of day you can lace up your shoes and step outside and go for a run. It's unlike summer where a run must be accomplished in the early morning to avoid overheating, and right now, the morning air is practically embracing you once you take your first step. Enjoy the fact that we can still step out our front door and not be covered in slushy snow, that it isn’t constantly raining and the sun continues to shine. Sometimes experiences along the run are what motivate you to get up the next morning and do it all over again, give yourself the chance to experience that.


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