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Lovesick Saints bring old school punk to the masses

The Lovesick Saints
The Lovesick Saints
Photo from Lull Studios

If you ask the Lovesick Saints, punk's not dead just well hidden. This punk rock band, who hail from Arizona, have more of an alternative rock sound, but their influences of Social Distortion, The Clash and The Ramones are hard to miss. Featuring vocalist Tom Holiday, bassist Jarrod Olson, and drummer Christian Howell, the Lovesick Saints is for anyone who misses the golden age of punk rock, but don't mind an irresistible hook. The band recently released their EP “Dia De Los Muertos,” which features heartfelt tracks among the chaos.

Though the band sets up their loud, fast, and destructive vibe with opening track “One Foot In the Grave” they are not afraid to bring the mood down. “War Story” is an ode to all the men and women who have fought in the war to protect American citizens. It begins with bag pipes playing a funeral march setting up a somber tone, until the brash guitars and vocals come in changing it into something fast paced and energetic. It's an unexpected sonic change, but a welcome one; it keeps the listener on their toes. Things get kind of moody with “Empty” as it begins with a low key acoustic guitar setting up the somber tone. Holiday paints a bleak picture of life with vocals that sound like a mix of Billie Joe Armstrong and Peter Murphy. The track is notable because it's not like anything else on the release, showing the band's potential.

“Sick and Broken” is catchy with a trilling bass solo to introduce the song, followed by blazing guitars. The music is full of energy and will get listeners slam dancing before it's done. Their old school punk rock influences come out the most here, as you can find hints of The Ramones and Social Distortion. “This Ain't It” is another catchy track that's bound to get listeners moving. The sound is so upbeat and full of energy it's actually reminiscent of a Green Day song, which isn't a bad thing. It's one of those tracks you'll want to put on repeat just so you can dance and lose your mind to it all over again. With an impressive EP and a sound that harkens back to the punk days of yore, Lovesick Saints will have a loyal following in no time.

Lovesick Saints recently released the music video for their song “War Story,” which you can watch here. To stream and purchase their EP “Dia De Los Muertos” visit their site. Make sure to also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.