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Love your lips! How choosing the right lip-gloss won’t hurt your love life

Think smart when buying lip gloss!
Think smart when buying lip gloss!
Photo by: JenRyanMauck

Imagine this: You’re on a ferry, overlooking the beautiful Seattle skyline. Your date is lightly squeezing your shoulder as he leans in for a spontaneous, romantic kiss. His lips touch yours, and it’s magical, until the unthinkable happens. He pulls away, turns slightly the other direction and wipes off his mouth with the back of his hand.

That was not exactly the reaction you wanted. The kiss was enchanting, but that sticky, gummy lip-gloss certainly was not. This could be a total deal-breaker.

It’s not that men don’t like lip-gloss or lipstick. In fact, research from a 2012 study revealed that men actually like color on a woman's lips, specifically in a red shade. They think it's powerful and makes a woman more striking. Ultimately, it is not the appearance of lipstick, but the consistency that’s controversial. Allure Magazine labeled sticky lip-gloss as a “beauty buzz-kill” and advised women to keep their lips kissable, using soft and delicate glosses that moisturize.

Many lip-glosses and skincare products contain Polyisobutene, an ingredient that determines the thickness of a product. When manufactured at a low molecular weight to bind the substance together, it creates a gluey, sticky product, which actually gives it a long-lasting, glossy effect—great for a night out on the town, but risky for a make-out session. These lip-glosses will ensure a kissable smooch and are sold in stores located in Seattle, as well as online.

Lush, a homemade beauty product company formulated an amazing line of lip balms. The natural butters and essential oils make lips velvety and kissable. It Started With a Kiss ($9.25) lip tint creates the perfect pout with a tasty twist. Infused with apple, white chocolate and cinnamon, this delectable concoction paints lips with a ruby red glow, picture-perfect for a romantic evening in or out.

Benefit Ultra Lip Gloss ($16 Sephora) adds high shine and hydration without sticky traction for a flawless, smooth result. It comes in several pretty colors from dusty rose to sheer coral.

Hydration is a key element in achieving a luscious lip-gloss. Julep’s(a Seattle-based company) recipe of rose hip seed oil, green coffee bean oil, malvaceae lipid extract and a unique age defying and invigorating formula, leaves lips lustrous, protected and super hydrated. Choose from ten gorgeous colors that will command the attention of everyone in the room ($20.00).

NYX Butter Gloss($4.99 Ulta and at most major drugstores) comes highly recommended. This moisturizing, long-lasting gloss not only tastes delicious, but is also creamy and silky to the touch, without that gummy, tacky effect. It conditions and heals chapped lips and is perfect for everyday application. Plus, who doesn't love a beauty bargain? NYX is super affordable.

Don’t let your lips lose their luster. Take care of them (and your love life!) by staying away from sticky, tacky lip-glosses and replacing them with hydrating, smooth and kissable products. This time, when he leans in for a smooch, he'll melt like butter instead of stick like gum. Pucker up!

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