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Love you this Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day! A holiday filled with commercials about diamonds, flowers, candy, and big bears. Every media outlet wants this to be the most perfect day for couples all over. So what do you do if you are single, and happily so.

This is a great day to remember when you discovered that self love was the key to understanding and valuing your self worth. Remember if we don't have love for ourselves than all of our important relationships are based on need and desperation. In the end that can lead to chaos, self loathing, and bitterness.

So let Cupid shoot a arrow into your soul so that love can enter and build a home. Find peace in the love that exists for us all. And for those of us who desire to be in a loving and equitable relationship, this is a great exercise because when you love yourself it is much easier and nicer to share that love with others. It also gives you the power to not simply settle for mediocrity. So watch those commercials and loving couples walking down the street with a smile in your heart. And know that you are loved.

Now go buy some beautiful flowers, play your favorite tunes, and hang out with some friends and family. Happy Love Day!

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