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Love words for Valentine's Day

For the love of my life

There is absolutely nothing more delicious to hear in your ears than love words spoken by the person you love. As a Christian, there is nothing more delicious to hear than love words spoken by the Lord Jesus Christ to His Bride. As a Christian, there is nothing more that compares to speaking love words back to the Lord Jesus in confirmation of our shared love for one another.

This writer also writes poetry and here is one that I wrote as a love poem back to the Lord Jesus:

An Intimate Friend of Mine

He's been the best friend any woman

could ever hope to find. A friend in

the truest sense of the Word. When all

others threw up their hands in despair,

He was there to comfort and encourage.

A friendship, (I laugh now at our tentative beginning)

with our hearts united, knit together in a common purpose. I had to unlearn

my distrust of men, taught in a school

where there was no mercy. He was so patient!

I'm sure He must have wanted to shake me by

the shoulders every time that I displayed

my ignorance. My heart filled with rage at

some injustice that I'd seen. Oh, how slow

I was to learn the lessons He was teaching.

A close friend, to be sure, for the rest of

my life. A shared intimacy, of hearts and minds

exposed to the light of knowledge. A knowledge

of the other person's goals and desires.

Indeed, a very close, intimate friend of mine.

So speak those words of love, for you may never get another chance to tell that special someone that you love them and need them as well. As Christians, we love and need the Lord Jesus Christ to the very core of our beings. So tell the Lord Jesus how much you love Him today.

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