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Love With Food: perfect for inflight snacking

San Francisco world travelers are familiar with the struggles of healthy snacking on the go. Typical in-flight snacks are expensive, there is little variety, and you’re unlikely to find the all-natural or organic choices that you would gravitate towards at home.

Love With Food: great for inflight snacking
Love With Food: great for inflight snacking
Love With Food
Love With Food: perfect for inflight snacking
Love With Food

Suddenly your healthy diet has flown out the window at 30,000 feet. Here are three simple steps to help you stick to your resolutions:

1) Plan Ahead: Stock your pantry with the right snacks, pre-portioned and ready to pack. Choose snacks with simple, healthy ingredients and a focus on the fruits, vegetables, and grains that will keep you alert and energized.

No time to shop? Consider a subscription service such as Love With Food (, which will deliver all-natural or organic snacks to your door each month.

2) Choose Delicious: If a particular snack isn’t appealing at home, it will be even less appealing when you’re trapped in a tiny airplane seat. To avoid the temptation of the in-flight menu options, bring a variety of snacks that you’ll be excited to enjoy.

The packing list this month from LoveWithFood includes dried Montmorency cherries from Stoneridge Orchards, sprouted tortilla chips from Way Better Snacks, and shelf-stable, protein-packed hummus from Wild Garden.

3) Drink Water: Due to the low humidity on planes, your body needs even more water than usual.

And many people mistake thirst for hunger, leading them to eat more. Make sure to drink at least 8 ounces of water for each hour you’re in the air.

Air travel doesn’t mean you need to resign yourself to only eating sugary snacks or bland plastic-wrapped sandwiches.

Choose all-natural or organic snacks that you bring from home and store them in your carry-on or backpack for easy access. Foods with nuts and fiber will help you feel fuller without the dreaded sugar spike and crash.

By bringing your own food, you’re in control, so have fun and pick a wide variety of exciting foods to spice up a boring plane ride and help you be full of energy at your destination.

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