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Love under the Hawaiian sky: Valentine's Day stories of true and enduring love

Snapshots of love: John and Nancy Ortiz
Snapshots of love: John and Nancy Ortiz
Photo credit: Alma Latina Productions & Radio

Somewhere, in between the card and candy aisle, resides true love. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize; other times it hits you over the head (figuratively, of course). Whether you find love, or if love finds you (sometimes love has been know to hunt folks down, in a good way), there is no denying “true love”. In celebration of this weekend of love, Honolulu Everyday People shares some very special stories of romance, love lost and found again, and literally the kind of love that lasts for an eternity.

he Otriz's celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary, today February 14, 2014.
Photo credit: Nancy Ortiz

Our first love story contains all the elements of a classic Hollywood film. Handsome naval officer, Beautiful, popular radio show host. Hawaii resident, Enter Nancy Ortiz, owner/producer of Alma Latina Productions, a well-known promoter of Hispanic events, including the Miss Latina Hawaii pageant, and host of the long running radio show, Alma Latina Radio.

In January of 1980, John A. Ortiz, a retired U.S. naval officer (Master Chief Petty Officer, E9) and musician called Nancy at the radio station, trying to track down a copy of a LP (long playing vinyl record). John and Nancy hit it off immediately, with John proposing later that year in October.

The musical couple exchanged vows on February 14, 1981 and this year they are celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary.

Over the years they've learned what most couples that stay together already know. Says Nancy, “Always keep the communication going, showing respect for each others likes and dislikes. Love each one another unconditionally. Nothing is perfect but we try. No matter, ups or downs, always keep a positive outlook in life. Laugh and go on. We do this everyday.”

To the love of her life, John, Nancy enthuses, "My love, my valentine...becoming your wife, 33 years ago today (Valentine's Day); who could of dreamed it would be this way. Taking our vows, from this day forward..not knowing loving you forever would be such a reward. With you, I've found the best friend, the finest partner & the sweetest love anyone has ever known! I'm so grateful that God led me to you! Happy valentine anniversary mi amor!"

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