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Love, Trust & Butterfly Dreams

Love, Trust & Butterfly Dreams
Love, Trust & Butterfly Dreams

Over a decade ago I shared with a man I was dating at the time, that I had a recurring dream of butterflies flying around me and landing all over me. He just looked at me and smiled.

Months passed. One day he said," Do you trust me?" I said," Sure." He said put this on," as he gave me a blindfold. I put it on and walked down the stairs, into his car and we drove and drove. We laughed and talked. What a sight I must have been, a blind-folded girl in a car?

Blind-folded, I needed to let him lead. I had to trust him. I knew he was trustworthy. Time and time again he had shown me this. I was still a little nervous and used to my independence. This was quite different to say the least!

We parked. I had to hold his arm and go up never ending steps. We arrived somewhere and I heard people talking about me all around. "Why is she blindfolded, what's going on?"

He said," Do you trust me?"

" I wouldn't be the blindfolded fool I seem to the world right now If I didn't, Michael."

" Hold out your arms and relax," he said.

I did. Time passed slowly. Then he finally took the blindfold off.

Joy. Beauty. Love. Dreams come true.

Moved to tears as I saw blue, yellow, orange and so many other butterflies on my arms, my chest, they were on my head and on my shoulders. I was covered in butterflies, in trust and love.

I was blessed

Trust what is worth trusting. Trust those that have earned it. Not through tests and trials of your own making. Trust those that shine bright with true intention and love themselves. When we love ourselves enough to make our dreams come true, we will love others into their own dream making realities as well!

True story

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