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Love thy neighbor's music

Come on up to the house
Come on up to the house
Bob Langham

And you're singing lead soprano
in a junkman's choir
You gotta come on up to the house"

- Tom Waits, Come On Up to the House

Do you really know your neighbors?

Who are you?

Do you know your neighbors better than the expected casual wave or 'sup nod as you both drag in identical empty garbage cans after an identical long day at work? Do you really want to know them better? Sure you do. You don’t give it a second thought when you friend or follow anonymous strangers on Facebook and Twitter. Why would you be reluctant to become acquainted with and even develop a friendship with your neighbors? These are people who live in close proximity to you and share a common space. This could be the neighbors next door, down the block, in an adjacent subdivision or community or even somewhere in the city or its outlying subdivisions.

Get to know your neighbors.

In the house

You could go the traditional routes and meet your neighbors by chatting over the fence and attending block parties, or you could limit your interaction to one night a year with the annual National Night Out celebration. However, if you want more than the required minimum pieces of community flair, become part of the latest growing trend in community involvement known as house shows - concerts hosted in a neighboring home within your community. House shows give you a fun and entertaining outlet to get to know your neighbors through the great uniter - music.

Before you duck behind the hedge and dart into the safety of your sound proof panic room or zombie survival bunker, this isn't the bass pounding, window rattling racket that sets off car alarms and stirs every dog in the ZIP code into an off key chorus of their own. House shows are casual and relaxed, low-key, acoustic performances by musicians who reside in your community or one nearby. This communal bond ensures that windows don’t rattle, and the bass doesn't pound too excessively for those who choose not to meet the neighbors at this time.

If you’re ready to step out of your shell and make new friends, you will definitely feel the music and the camaraderie it can offer within the confines of your neighbor’s home.

The house band

Meet the neighbors, enjoy the music, and be part of the community at the next house show in your neighborhood, or at least close to it on Saturday, March 22, 2014. Local musicians and some of your most talented neighbors - Andrew James, Nathan Spell, Keeton Coffman, Tyler Newberry and Logan Samperi on percussion and on house (it's his house - not pictured) will be trading and sharing songs, performing them for their friends and neighbors, and uniting the community with their music. Come on up to the house and get to know your neighbors and their music.

Click here to get your tickets and find out more information about the house show.

To get acquainted with your musical neighbors prior to the house show, click on their names below.

Andrew James

Nathan Spell

Keeton Coffman

Tyler Newberry

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