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Love those biker stories - Part 8

Snoopy in his 'BC' days (before Christ)
Snoopy in his 'BC' days (before Christ)

This is the 8th part of someone that is called Snoopy. He spent many years in the Texas biker, bar, gun and drug culture. A lot of that tenure was spent running biker bars because it was a perfect place to dispense party favors (drugs, etc.). In fact, that's just where this episode of his stories opens, is

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My favorite guns to carry in and out of the bars were:

  1. a .380 Llama
  2. a .25 Beretta

People used to kid me about the little .25 and ask what I could do with a little toy gun like that. I’d always come back with “I’ll only shoot you in two places . . . your eyeball or your other ones and you won’t be happy about either.”

This would always draw laughs if I was in the bar and someone would always chime in by saying, “He’s telling you the truth and within 30ft he’s gonna get you.”

Remember that sweet 20ga I was so proud of (a few episodes back)? Come to find out, it was used in an armed robbery in S. Dallas (or somewhere). After almost carrying it for 2yrs you should have seen the look on ‘Tiny’s’ face when I called him into the bar to read him the riot act and make him give me my money back.

Even though he was a good ole boy from Arkansas, stood 6’7” and weighed in at about 400lbs, he never balked at giving my money back. He had been around long enough to see how my friends and I took care of business so he didn’t want to cross me.

I also had a nickel plated .45 that Phil had sold me with pearl grips and gold-plated hammer and trigger that always got peoples attention when I pulled it out. When I got older my favorite ‘handgun’ was a 12ga pump shotgun. There was a lot of room for error and you didn’t have to be a really good shot.

Now days it's kinda hard to believe Snoopy used to be that kind of guy . . . well, some days it's easier to believe it than other days when he's being all preacheyfied. Now see there . . . I had to go and make up a word to describe the way he can toggle. However, we've all been in in situations that need a stronger hand than other state of affairs . . . Remember when Jesus turned over the tables of the money changers . . . in church?

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