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Love those biker stories - Part 7

Snoopy at a rally ministering to bikers.
Snoopy at a rally ministering to bikers.

Today, we're going back to Snoopy's stories; and "NO" he can't tell everything (the things that would get people put in prison). Well . . . if it were the stories of your life, we wouldn't tell everything either . . . you ugly thing. It doesn't matter how saved and sanctified you are today, there are ugly things lurking in the past lives of everyone.

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I enjoyed working at Willos; I can say it truly affected my life in a good way. We had a softball team and had competitions with any bar that wanted it. A keg of beer on the ball games, and on other things, we bet for different stuff . . . if you get my drift.

I’ve said I’ve met all kinds of people and did all kinds of things.

My 1st plane ride came about by someone inviting me to take a ride and smoke a joint of Alcapulco Gold, the strongest weed I had ever heard of . . . so I said “OK, where we headed”?

He said he wanted to check on his little Cessna parked at the Addison Airport.

I assumed that was all so when we got there I thought “Look, it’s OK”. And assumed we’d leave but noooooo that isn’t what we did.

He fired it up and begged me to go up with him and to this day I know if I hadn’t been loaded I wouldn’t have done it!

As I began freaking out he began telling me how easy it was and talked me into putting my hands on the right side control. He said “Now doesn’t that feel easy”?

He kept asking if I wanted to do barrel rolls and stuff like that while my brain was screaming “Not no . . . but hell no!”

About 5minutes after asking the first time he asked again, “Isn’t that easy? You know you’ve been flying us for the last 2 or 3 minutes”

Here I was . . . my first plane ride and the thought that ricocheted in my drug impaired cranium was “I’m flying this plane just 10 minutes off the ground!”

He refused to take back the controls until we were almost at his ranch just south of Denton. He circled the ranch and said he needed to land so he could look at something. By that time I had sweated so much that I was wet from my elbows to my waist but all he said was “Nervous”?

I didn’t see any runway so I asked “Where?”

He told me we had to land on his neighbors’ field. Then he added “His field is ringed on all 4 sides by electric wires and that’s where we’re landing!!!

“No, no, no, no!” my brain screamed. We made it but we fell the last 12-15ft . . . and all he said was “I hope nothing broke ‘cause we can’t get caught up here.”

We checked the plane out and left. We barely made it back over the wires.

Oh yes, I did let him do one big roll on the way back but I never rode in that plane again. I later found out the horse ranch was really just a front. It was in fact, a stash house for drugs. I can say this now because I’ve been told all of that crew has died.

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