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Love those biker stories - Part 5

Young Snoopy
Young Snoopy

Since I was still limping around from the roof injury (and no, I wasn’t loaded), I had Bryan, who was an old friend from my commune days, come by and tell me there was someone wanting to meet me.

I went and met this ‘wanna-be Mafioso’ named Ken. He showed me his pornographic theater on Cedar Springs street in Dallas and took me to another in deep East Dallas. We looked it over and before dark I was manager and ½ owner of an Adult Theater!

In 5 ½ wks I paid off the buy-out and split $3,000 with my partner. That was about enough to live for 3 months, back then.

Needless to say, I could see why some of my friends had gotten into this business.

Everything was going OK ‘till Ken decided that we; along with another theater across town (run by another one of my friends) were going to test the pornography laws of Texas. We would allow ourselves to get busted several times until we could get a harassment suit filed to stop them. Ken assured us all that he was taking care of all the legalities.

Yea! Famous last words! We all got a call to meet at the best lawyer’s office in Dallas to discuss our cases.

“All right!” we thought.

However, when we got there it was all a different story. Ken said we all had to pay our own legal fees!!

Needless to say that was the end of all association with Ken.

During the short time of hanging with this guy, I got him his first machine gun, I was served with a lawsuit from the Mitchell Brothers (for one of the movies we were running, that they owned) and I had to find my own lawyer to take care of not only the state case, but also, my now federal suit.

During my stories I'll tell you of famous and infamous people that I knew and/or associated with.

Ken moved or was run out of Dallas and wound up in East Texas where he got involved in the drug business. He found out that an undercover cop had evidence on him so he wound up shooting him thru a window of a trailer house. The cop lived but, the only one who drew any major time was Ken for attempted murder because, the cop had gotten strung out and contaminated or used all of the evidence samples. They had to throw all the cases out as I remember.

They wound up making a movie out of it named ‘Rush’ and Greg Allman played the drug kingpin.

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