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Love those biker stories - Part 4

Snoopy at a rally ministering to bikers.

Love those biker stories - Part 3 of this series left us right in the middle of a rumble between the Biker/Hippy Bar and the Singles bar across the street.

People from both bars were emptying out into the street where the mayhem ensued. Snoopy had picked up his shotgun and headed out the door to join the rumble.

I headed out with the shotgun first and then told my ole lady to hand me my .45. When they saw my shotgun, it was like Moses parting the waters. Most just scattered but a couple guys really thought they might be bullet proof and I was just the one to prove them wrong!

The advancing crowd went from 50-55 to about 6 in 15secounds but, this one really buff, young guy thought by tearing his shirt off it was going to scare me . . . WRONG.

When the crowd from across the street saw me, it started to make them have second thoughts. They knew I had no problem about pulling the trigger.

Anyway, the shirtless wonder wasn’t stopping and neither was I; despite his friends saying “That’s Snoopy and he will kill you!” However, he mistakenly thought I’d back down.

Just as he was stepping up on our front curb, I stepped into him; cocked my.45 and laid it down on the bridge of his nose.

Now, my wife and closest friends will tell that situations like this used to make my brain to go away to a different place – a very dark place. Anyway, the only thing I remember is; one of his friends was yankin’ on his right arm saying “N----r this man is SNOOPY and that N----r will have no problem in killing you!”

As they drug him away, I jumped up on the roof of a pickup that was parked by the front doors cause I had seen 2 or 3 guys duck down behind the median about 30sec before. I never did see where they went but we all laughed and decided they must have done some really, really low crawling to get away. Ha Ha.

We never had any more problems with that group ever again. I really liked the owner of that bar and was sad when he had to close.

You see, since we were only 3 blocks from the Highland Park area, [Dallas’ version of Beverly Hills], the powers that be kept sending under-covers into the bar, and TABC stopped everyone leaving to check for DWI’s. It seems they didn’t want ‘our kind’ plying our trade in their area.

I had a great ole lady during my Willo’s days and wish I had treated her a lot better. We got together in late’73 . . . it lasted 4yrs.

Let’s go back before Willo’s in’73. That year I roofed a while, that was my ‘citizen’ trade. However, I sold a lot of weed and some LSD, fell off a roof and got a settlement that made life easier the rest of the year.

I also drove to see Captain America get married and while I was there, I was made an ‘offer that I couldn’t refuse’ . . . to take over an Adult Theater.

Back then there weren’t any ‘drug addicts’ there were just friends that needed a talking to and that usually worked. So I had no qualms about providing a community service.

It would be 20 yrs before I ever uttered the words “For your own good, I’m cutting you off!” and I meant it. If I needed some Acid (LSD), I would pick up the phone, call California and say I needed something.

The conversation would go something like this- “How many?


“How strong?”


“What size?”

“¼ by ¼.”

“What color?”

“I don’t care.”

“We’ll mail them tomorrow.”

“OK, peace.”

The voice on the other end would also say “Peace.” And we’d both hang up.

I did have a guy that brought me 2 quarts of something called mushroom tea and I wound up taking a qt to C. A.’s wedding in California. I found out it could get 32 people really high.

Today, Snoopy is an ordained minister, ministering to outlaw bikers, prisoners in our penal institutions and teaches a drug and alcohol recovery program.

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