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Love those biker stories?

Follow Dallas biker through his adventures as a biker bar bouncer, drug dealing, head knocking, shotgun shooting, womanizing, abuser into a God called, minister to bikers and prisoners.
Follow Dallas biker through his adventures as a biker bar bouncer, drug dealing, head knocking, shotgun shooting, womanizing, abuser into a God called, minister to bikers and prisoners.

Anyone that has followed Examiner articles on ‘Dallas Motorcycle Lifestyle’ very often will be glad to know that my friend, Country has agreed to send us weekly stories. So if you’ve enjoyed his stories in the past – watch for more! Yay!

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However, I'll start telling more of my own experiences and add my husband's experiences as well.

People that know me, know I was a clean cut lady when I first met my husband, Snoopy. I had never smoked, never drank alcohol, and never said ‘darn’. I was the ‘less colorful’ of the two of us.

I can remember in the spring of 1990, when I first met Snoopy . . . he was bouncing at Garfield’s Biker Bar (noted for being one of the most rowdy bars in North Texas – if not the most rowdy). I can say, without a doubt, it was never boring there. It was the stuff movies are made of – every Saturday Night!

I’ll leave telling you WHY I was there for another article, but a friend of mine told me to go there, and sure enough, walking through the door on that Saturday night almost made my 'almost virgin eyes' pop out and roll around the floor. Snoopy was working the door as bouncer and introduced himself, right away. Smile.

Over the next few months, Snoopy told me stories of his life, and I told him stories of mine (we were polar opposites). I decided to share some of what I heard and saw there. I also talked Snoopy into sharing some of his stories; at Garfield's and other places he worked. This is one of the first stories Snoopy ever shared with me . . . just the way he told it (cleaned up a tiny bit).

In the ‘70s we did stuff that we shouldn’t do, but since ‘everybody’ was doing it – we went ahead and did it too and hoped we didn’t get caught.

I was the Asst. Manager of a bar called Uncle Willos’ on Oaklawn in Dallas. I got the job in around about way. A friend introduced me to one of their friends that needed some time to get this ‘hustle bowling’ during the day.

Now, I had heard a lot of things, but BOWLING?

I was already dealing weed, (marijuana) so I figured working at Willos’ would just give me a bigger outlet and broaden my customer base.

I loved the place! My kind of people! Nice and laid back . . . or so I thought.

Those of you that remember the movie, Blazing Saddles, remember when they said, “Now, don’t shoot (Mongo) ‘cause you’ll just make him mad!” Well, we had a ‘Mongo’ at Willos’ and his name was ‘Pat H.’

Things rocked along pretty smooth with everyone getting to know each other, my side business making a good profit and oh . . . the women!

The place had a reputation of having to call the police regularly to keep things under control but, I was seemingly starting to alleviate ‘that’ problem – I just took care of things ‘in house’.

I already had a reputation in the local bar scene of taking care of business and not taking any lip. I was also known to perhaps drink a fifth of ‘Strawberry Thrill’ BEFORE I went out drinking. Sometimes I wondered how I ever made it out alive or at least without being gravely wounded. But in my defense . . . I never started it. However, my 6’ 4” runnin’ partner always seemed to churn things up!

I always carried a sharp knife and wasn’t afraid to use it. Combine all these factors and add the fact we both drank a fifth before we went out . . . well, things were never dull.

I never – for one minute thought that this little bar on Oaklawn would lead me into over 25 years of bouncing and becoming a bodyguard. Remember, “Life is like a box of chocolates” you never know what surprise awaits you. I made lifelong friends, enemies, and lots of business connections. And yes . . . there were the women!!!

I hadn’t been at Willos’ very long before the ‘deals’ started showing up for ‘lil ole me’. I had opportunities to buy almost anything and news to my Jewish ears . . . I could buy them on-the-CHEAP! Some things I just brokered and others I bought for me or my family. Things like cars, jewelry, other drugs, guns and just turn your imagination loose.

One of these deals was a sweet little 20ga sawed-off shotgun that I fell in love with. When I started my shift at Willos’, I would come in the front door with that 20 gage, along with a pistol in a bank bag.

People would ask “Why the bag?”

I’d say “So they can guess what caliber I might have tonight.”

Check back for the second half of this story . . . soon.

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