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Love: The best medicine

Love Medicine

Everyone feels alone and unloved sometimes. It's only natural to feel this way at certain moments in your life. During those times, it's better for you to love and nurture yourself. Out from bad always comes good. You might feel the worst you have ever felt, but believing that things will end up getting better will save you and give you new hope. Loving yourself, something or someone is the best healing you can do for yourself. Love is the best medicine you can give yourself and to someone else.

A lot of people sit around feeling sorry for themselves and get more depressed. The best way to feel better is to help something or someone else. That love you are giving to someone else will reflect off onto you and make you feel better.

With all the materialism and other unnecessary things going on in the world it can bring people down to that low shallow level where looks, how much money you have, and who you know is the most important thing you can have. Those things in the end don't matter. You can have all the money, be the most popular or beautiful person in the world and you can still feel empty, alone, and miserable.

Many negative people can be out there to destroy your happiness, love, and positivity out of jealousy or whatever else. It's best to stay away from those people and retreat into yourself. Start loving yourself and give your love and positive vibes to people who are worth it. You will be way happier in your life for that.

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