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Love spells for Valentine’s Day, at Crow Haven Corner or in your home

Rose quartz heart
Rose quartz heart
photo by Valerie Hadden

This Examiner interviewed a Witch who casts love spells regularly at her Witch shop in Salem MA. Here, she talks about what one needs in one’s life before casting a love spell, some different methods she uses, and her Valentine’s Day special offer coming up this weekend. Her name is Lorelei Stathopoulos HPs, Salem's Famous Love Clairvoyant, and she owns Crow Haven Corner.

Sometimes Lorelei will refuse to perform a love spell for a client whom she deems not ready. She says that first, the client needs to have both self-love and passion already in their life. If a client is unable to love themselves, she will gladly help them do so, but she won’t cast a spell to draw another person to them. She also says it is wise to already have some type of passion, “whether it’s dancing, animals, whatever.”

Once Lorelei feels sure that a client is ready for a love spell, she gets to work. There are several methods she uses. Two that she shared with this Examiner are the apple spell and one using a red candle. The apple spell is best done on the New Moon, and involves a special chant that Lorelei did not share. The candle spell consists of sprinkling dragon’s blood over a red candle, and is useful for loves that begin with a feeling of lust. She also gives some tips on mixing love potions: “Mix things with love, just the way you would in a kitchen. Do the circle; do the sacred space. None of it makes a difference if don’t put the intention in the potion.”

Lorelei casts love spells during readings, done at Crow Haven Corner in Salem MA or over the phone. Each client leaves with a mojo bag. This Friday February 14, Saturday, and Sunday she is offering apple spells to those ready for them as a Valentine’s Day special, despite it not being a New Moon. Learn more at or by calling 978-745-8763.