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Love sparkles and shines with bella j candles

bella j candles, Valentine's Day gift that sparkles and shines
bella j candles, Valentine's Day gift that sparkles and shines
Cristine Struble

When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, some ladies dream of presents that sparkle and shine. This year a gift from bella j candles fills both both of these requirements.

bella j lots of love candle is the perfect Valentine's Day gift
Cristine Struble

Bella J Candles combines a fragrant natural soy wax candle with a special surprise in every 10.5 oz beautiful candle. While the candle's burn time is approximately, 60-65 hours, the hidden treasure pouch will be revealed in a few hours.

Each candle holds a hidden pouch, which contains a lovely charm. The charms vary from stylish and chic to extravagant. One candle may have a gold plated charm and a few have real diamond charms. The value of the charms vary from $10 to $450; but a special few have diamond treasures with an estimated value of $10,000. These candles retail for $24.99 and can be purchased at or select Nordstrom stores.

For Valentine's Day, the Lots of Love candle is perfect. This candle has notes of freesia, jasmine, sandalwood and warm amber. After a delicious Valentine's Day dinner, light the Lots of Love candle to bring the air of romance to your home. Plus, your Valentine will have a beautiful charm to wear by the end of the evening.

To make the Valentine's Day a little sweeter, bella j is sharing a special story about one of their surprise jewelry discoveries. Jen, a seventh grade teacher who resides locally in Woodridge, received the Snowball fragrance bella j candle from her mother.

“My mother loves to purchase clever, unique gifts that usually have some type of added bonus. The family loves receiving these whimsical presents. This time was clearly the best gift ever! I have never received such a fabulous surprise!”

Jen began burning the candle and was intrigued by the gift that awaited her. When she uncovered the foil pouch, she opened it and couldn’t believe her good fortune. A sparkling bella j. $10,000 diamond necklace greeted her.

“My husband and I were looking at it in amazement and disbelief when I uncovered it from the little foil pouch. I quickly called my mother to let her know of the news and at first she didn’t believe me. It took a Facetime call to confirm the news.”

This Valentine's Day give a present that is two items in one. A bella j candle brings fragrance to the moment and sparkle in the days to come.