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Love songs: A form of poetry

Poetry is a literary subject that many students find daunting and indecipherable. Some poems have veiled meanings and are written in stylized language that is difficult to understand. Although poetry can be breathtaking and captivating it can also be confusing and bothersome to study. Hence, many students—especially children and teens—tend to disengage this form of literature more than any other.

Songs can certainly convey romantic feelings through music.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

It can be frustrating to try and teach someone a subject that they do not like or understand. However, in the case of poetry, music is an excellent way to get kids interested. Around this season—which welcomes Valentine’s Day—music can be used to illustrate the connection between love poems and the written word. After all, most lyrics of love songs are little more than poems that are set to music and sung instead of spoken!

Obviously, not all music is appropriate to use as a teaching guide. Yet there are many songs that discuss the topic of love in poetic ways. The lyrics of Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me” and Nora Jones “Bubbly” are just as effective and emotionally moving when read as they are when sung. Furthermore the placement of the verses shows a clear understanding of how the English language can be manipulated into something especially pleasing to the ears.

Teaching poetry lessons is challenging but it is something that can be eased—and even made somewhat fun—by giving examples of the significance of love poems in modern day society including their appearance as the lyrics of songs that are presently playing on the radio.

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