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Love's rawest emotions in writing - a poetry book from the heart


In Love
author Chez Raginiak

It's one of the hardest things you'll ever do. It's the most rewarding experience you'll ever have. It's the reality of being in love.

Twin Cities poet and motivational speaker, Chez Raginiak, realized this and much more when he began compiling poetry for his most recent book so perfectly titled In Love two years ago.

"In Love is a collection of poems I have written over the years when my mind and heart were swimming in the ocean of those passions, desires and unforgettable, unmatchable feelings of loving someone and being loved in return," Raginiak explained. "I have felt the sun from both sides, and I share its warmth with you through this book."

Flooded with a resounding voice of passion, In Love serves as a reminder of both why we love and how our rawest emotions transform those closest to our hearts.

"This book will help readers see that love is all around us," Raginiak said. "We just need to see it, feel and let it come to us."

In addition to its 22 emotionally-moving pieces of poetry, In Love also offers readers unique benefits, such  as pieces in both Spanish and Polish. It also includes poems "WILL YOU BE MY AIR" and "I WILL BE YOUR AIR" that can replace traditional wedding vows, thus creating a unique and memorable moment that will last a lifetime.

Though he keeps the subject of this passionate work a secret, only writing  "To you..." in the book's dedication, it's easy to see that whether it was in the past, or is in the present,  Raginiak was or is totally and undisputedly - in love.


My dream,
where a flawless world exists—
a rousing place of pleasures,
passionate desires, and satisfied love.

In it, you,
with your lips half-open,
like a silent fog that moistens sleepy meadows,
you stroke my thirsty lips with yours.

"Don't leave!" you whisper to me at sunrise.
I wake up and kiss your still half-open lips.

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  • Anurag 5 years ago

    Another gem from Chez. He is proving to be a prolific author.

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