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Love relationships compound life stress (Video)

The daily celebrity news is inundated with stories of Hollywood's dream couples breaking up and fighting through nasty divorces. The same is true with everyday couples, the news just isn't as widely publicized.

Couples disagreement

Love relationships are stressful by design. Working hard to peacefully coexist with another person is more than some people can handle. Factor work, kids, money and health into the equation and it's a wonder that people survive at all.

In many situations, a couple breaks up and one or the other person experiences a greater sense of life and happiness being single. After the initial "hurting" period passes, a person can move beyond the stress and coping of the life-changing breakup to begin focusing on things that will improve life overall.

According to a study performed in Clinical Psychology Review, recognized that stress couples experience has formerly been treated as an individualized emotion; separate from one person to the next. Within the last twenty years, researchers have coined the term "dyadic" stress which is "a distinct form of social stress involving common concerns, emotional intimacy between partners and the maintenance of the close relationship." The new theory clearly indicates that stress is more collective than individualized.

When a fight ensues between a couple, both parties believe they are right and in the heat of the disagreement, the only solution seems to be separation. If this separation lasts for a few hours, a few days or longer, it gives both people a "cooling off" period to consider a resolution.

Bringing in a conflict resolution or couples' counselor into the situation is a measure that can prove to be effective in many situations. Though it may seem senseless to bring in an arbitrary individual to help with problems a couple has tried over and over to solve, an objective party could offer options that hadn't previously been considered.

When all efforts have been exhausted and a couple still can't get along, it becomes the responsibility of both parties to make tough, wise decisions concerning their future. If that means a separation is inevitable, handle the logistics in an honorable, adult manner. If children are involved, come to an agreeable resolution to avoid involving the courts in your lives; arbitrary court officials and attorneys don't always have a family's best interests at the forefront.

The best practices in an intimate relationship is to avoid the pitfalls that cause these issues in the first place. Abide by simple principles such as honoring each other with the truth and being faithful. Building and maintaining that cohesive bond is the tie that binds and overcomes adversity.


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