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Love & Reality: How Will We Love?

By Julie D. Griffin

It is the constant and unchained love between us which we love, and are attracted to through a long-term relationship that works because we love each other more than we love our self.
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Love is not a behavior, an attitude, a mannerism. It is not etiquette. It is not convention. Love may express itself in many can appear meek. ~ Marshall V. Sumners

A documentary film dedicated to the love life of Arthur and Eva Brickler as part of a demonstration that man forms a part of organic life on earth, that life of the whole ensemble represents a very sensitive organ of our planet. Hunger, work, sex, children, complementing not feeding on one another, a documentary written on film more like an article, a study of love which proves that merely making happy thoughts about subjective love does not work, while a person who enjoys you for the person you are makes a more productive love partner. As a gateway to love therefore, the spirit of some use esoteric means to express love through art and music and sometimes change what people believe about love. In short, buffers do not help you to see the world beyond objectivity. Jealousy, envy and other psychic regard confuse and draw many away by mere sexual attraction. If people want a relationship that will last forever, they must consider not falling into a trap of illusory projection or obsession over a person. A friendship is one thing, but love looks a lot more like giving to each other than feeding off of one another.

In 2004, a younger Brickler interviewed his grandpa and grandma about sixty-three years of marriage, and the film maker, composer surmised that he wished he knew more people who lasted. He interviewed people from all walks of life and came to at least one final light. That relationships of those who oppose adultery last for one. All you need is love one truth though, a sound simple enough to bank on, right unless of course you do not realize that what you may think you love a simple idea only. In short, a love of your life not a beefsteak that hits your brain for a moment and gone forever after only to leave your need for real affection and love forever unsatisfied. Why Mick sang I can't get no satisfaction, had a lot more to do with thirteen going on thirty and the deprivation of unconditional love he wanted than about a body. Perhaps the best way to describe the kind of love John Lennon sang about has a lot to do with both a man and a woman being a best friend to each other, which is why it is no mystery that a lot of marriage therapists feature as one of those great portraits of love the relationship between John and Yoko Ono ~ A couple who lives a lot more like a family with each other and a lot more like brother and sister without of course the bio-connotation.

Although the heart and the intellect match up with real love, niceness is not love, but neither is unkindness. And yet just like people who deny the dark shadows of evil caused after a wrong they took supercharge of, this kind of a friend or lover only leads others to forever cease to trust them again. Subjectivity and objectivity not aside, it is the constant and unchained love between us which we love, and are attracted to through a long-term relationship that works because we love each other more than we love our self. It is no secret that self-help gurus from every spirit walk of life including Christians have exploited people and their love relationships for monetary and even selfish personal reasons. It is true, all we need is love. But do we really know what it is? Used too casually in the common everyday conversation of people, most people really only give the serious emotion lip service. Love no mere gratification, sentimentality, obligation, duty or passion of service, in contrast that thing which people write songs and poems about although considered the answer to world problems presents a perplexing message. The problems of the world have yet to be solved with love, and yet you cannot live without it.

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