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Love prohibited for cultural reasons

A carving on sunset cliffs
A carving on sunset cliffs
Golzar Meamar

Everyone has been there at least once; deleting contact info, scrolling through time in history erasing every call, voicemail, text, all the way down to that obnoxious heart kiss emoticon. Maybe hit unfollow or even block? As if deleting a contact from a cell phone or removing them from social networks-- semi-permanently taking them out of existence-- will somehow work the same for the physical state of heart, body, and mind. Break ups for most people are often hard as it is. But those unfortunate enough to find themselves in a predicament similar to that of Romeo and Juliet, suffer heartache incomparable to that of infidelity or whatever other reason. What happens when two people love each other, but are prohibited from being with one another because of the relativism of their cultures?

Today’s society is more welcoming than ever before with the encouraged acceptance of homosexuality, the openness to erotica, interracial couples, and so on. Most states are melting pots of different cultures, religions, sexual orientations, etc. And everyone is able to abandon the idea of absolute truths, and adopt the theory of relativism instead in order to coexist together in peace.

Well, not everyone.

It’s shocking to realize that racism still exists. That sexism is still around. That naive, shallow, close-minded people still walk amongst the rest of humanity. When a couple finds love, but one family does not approve of the other, does that individual choose love over family? Unfortunately, with mass media constantly instilling the fairy tale and happy-endings of love stories in the minds of people, the thought of ‘Love’ conquering all, is the only thought in mind. What some people do not understand is that the said individual is more likely to side with the foundation that he or she was brought up in and still carry on those feelings for the other person, rather than abandon cultural values and live “happily ever after.”

It’s heartache at it’s finest. Where one has to decide whether or not to follow The Beatles’ All You Need Is Love advice or leave the decision up to the lover; either walk away from the doomed relationship or hang on to the slim chance that maybe this ‘Love’ thing actually can and will conquer.