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Love on a budget



The holidays are fast approaching. This means more money out on presents, functions, parties and more. But even though the holidays are busy and more money is spent, doesn’t mean that you need to spend a great deal of money to spend quality time with that special someone in your life. Here are some low-budget ideas to use, to get some more time together.

Have you raided your furniture lately? Raid those cushions, drawers and any other places that you can think of that there might be spare change lying around. Head to the mall, give yourself a time limit and purchase what you can only for the other person. Get creative.

Christmas is around the corner. Use a calendar and mark off a weekly date, scheduled for the entire year. It might be taking a stroll on a summers evening in July, to sledding on a cold winter day in January. No matter what the date is, you've got an entire year planned for a great present.

Do you work opposite shifts as your companion? If so, make a light night run to Sonic, grab the favorite ice cream or drink and head to your significant others job on their break or take lunch to them.

If you get up and make lunch for that special person, leave a special note.

Sometimes it is hard to get that reading in. A newborn, toddler or even a teen that has a lot of activities, can leave you exhausted by the end of the night. If you love to take baths, have your partner read to you while you soak. Or if your partner is nursing that special bundle of joy, grab a book or even a magazine and help them catch up on what they haven’t been able to. You can share insights, goals and have some great hours.

If you have several other couples that you are friends with and they have kids, form a co-op babysitting group. Each week, one couple takes the kids while the others go out. If you have four couples involved, you can get three weekends of great dating in. The kids will get to spend time with other kids on the weekends and you get free childcare.

Do you know everything you need or want to know about your partner? On a quiet evening, hide some of their favorite candy around the house. Attach a question to each one, and then send them on a scavenger hunt. After one is found, take time to discuss the hidden loot and see what each other has to say. You may be enlightened by the end of the evening.

If you partner is gone, send a personal tape recorded messages to them. Just make sure that they have a tape recorder, to listen to their special message.

Do some errands together. Sometimes those errands can be mundane and boring. Lighten it up with having your partner join in. You get help, great conversations and extra time spent together.

Do you keep a journal, diary or have old letters that they have written you? Grab them, sit in front of the fire place or snuggle on the couch and read them. There might be something in there, which you have forgotten about. Or, write letters and then share them back and forth.

Re-create your first date. The longer you are together, the more creative you might want to get. But even those first dates, can bring back those cherished memories and you can add new ones to them for years to come.

There are so many more ways, that you can spend time together with little or no money needed. The more time spent together, the more you get insight into the other. As times change, so do we and sometimes these little things, can bring great memories for years to come.