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Love of music - Mexico is at the top of the charts!

Mexicans love music. Whether it be a live band, a song on the radio or playing CD's. they love it and they love it loud.

On the other hand, in towns throughout Mexico, there are guys who go around from bar to bar, or restaurant to restaurant, or any combination of the two, playing and singing songs for tips.

Not a fun thing to do, because most of the time they are turned down when they ask a potential group for permission to sing a song for a tip.

While I was sitting on a park bench, one of the locals in Parral, Mexico sat down beside me and starting making small talk.

Then he told me, a local "bar", or "street", band wanted to play a song for me.

I asked if the band had ever been recorded.

He replied that they hadn't.

"Would they like to be recorded and put on the internet", I asked.

"That would be great", was the reply.

So, may I introduce to you, the street, or bar band, from Parral, Mexico - Clave Nortena!

If you traveled in Mexico and visited a bar, if they didn't have the jukebox blaring in the corner, this would be the type of song you would here.

I recorded 2 other songs form Clave Nortena, if you'd like to listen to them, you can follow the links here:

Clave Nortena - Song 2

Clave Nortena - Song 3

After the recording and installing on Youtube, I'm walking down the street in Parral, window shopping for some speakers for my computer.

A guy walks up, and says. "Ya the Big Mozay. I'm a fan!"

"Great", I reply. "Guilty as charged, I'm The Big Mozey"

Through his broken English, and my little Spanish, I get the main gist of what he's trying to say. "I saw you record Clave Nortena, and I saw the band on Youtube.

"I'm visiting my sister in Parral, Mexico with my niece, and we want you to record my sister and niece singing a song."

As a traveler, I view myself as akin to being an ambassador - spreading good feelings and being nice to people. I'm nice to people, they're nice to me. And, hopefully, to other travelers that follow after me.

Keeping this in mind, I was more than happy to agree to video the mother and daughter singing a song.

First, he had to find Clave Nortena to back his sister and niece with music - took about 30 minutes.

Then the discussion with Clave Nortena about the song they were going to sing - another 15 minutes.

(Nothing in Mexico goes quickly, it's all at a very slow pace!)

So, now we're all set up - song to sing, band's here - let's record!

We start off with an audience of about 7 people.

Mother and daughter sing the song. It can be found here:

After the mother and daughter sing, the fellow who I met on the street - Reuben - wants to sing a song with his sister - with me, of course, recording the event.

Sure, I reply, not a problem.

The first of the sister and Reuben songs are here:

We are now up to about 60 people for an audience. We're bidding for an outdoor, concert event!

Next up, and I have to record this too, (according to Reuben) is the niece singing a solo.

Well, she get's the crowd clapping away, and belts out her song -

And now, we're up to over 100 people in the park, listening to the band and everyone sing.

No event would be complete without a song about Poncho Villa, the man who was assassinated in Parral, Mexico!

The Poncho Villa song is here:

Finally finished with the recordings, we now have well over 150 people in the audience - all having a good time, singers and band think it's great, and I've enjoyed the music and recording immensely.

Not a dime spent, no cost to anyone involved - just good, clean fun on a trip.

So, as the saying goes - "It's not the destination that's the prize, it's learning to enjoy the journey".

I learned from the random meeting on the street: travel safely, play nice, and the journey will be something to treasure!

I truly hope you enjoyed the music as much as I did.

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